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LiL Tw3ek
LiL Tw3ek
Roseville, MI  USA
March 19, 2006
16,493 plays
Whats Up Welcome LT "The One & Only's" Page, This Is Where True Hip-Hop Lives And Is Still Breathing, Please Feel Free To Add Yourself As A Fan, And Check Out The music, All Music is updated on a regular basis.....
Band/artist history
I was born Aug 7th 1985, Music Has Always Been A Big Part Of My life, starting From a very young age my mother emerced me in cultural music and since age 6 I've known how to play several instruments, As of about 5 years ago I can play 17 Different Instruments Supurbly, Growning Up Wasnt Easy though, I was brought up on the outer suburbs of Detroit as well as inner city, I learned alot from Observing people and my surroundings, My Best friends grandma used to sell crack so she could put food on the table and send him to private schools, So I learned quick that the way society see's people and how things really are, were two different things, So I starting writing about it, I started off writing poetry and at age 12 it turned into rap, I listened to the likes of Tupac,Biggie, Big Pun, Dre, NWA, Ice-T, Ice Cube and Heavy D & the funky Bunch, and It drew me in, I could relate to everything they were saying because I was living it, By Age 14 I caught my first case, But in my eyes it wasnt a big deal, It was just fuel, Something more to write about, By 16 I had 3 Felony Cases pending against me and I had aleady Done time in the youth home and various holding cells at the county jail, as well as a few shows and Rap Battles in the local area during the periods that I wasnt incarcerated, and so it began, my fanbase spread like wild fire, and with each new Song I wrote my music and I grew, I've never held anything back in my music, My whole life is in my music, from growing up and running the streets to catching my first case all the way to present day, I'm one Of the realist underground Hip-Hop Artists out here, And Just To Clairify Theres A Big Difference between a "rapper" and An "Artist" Me, I'm an artist, My Words are my paint and your mind is my canvas, When You listen to my music you can mentally see what I'm saying playing out in your head, or you can relate directly to my lyrics, A rapper is Commercialized and doesnt put feeling into his/her music. Aright I'm Done if Ya'll wanna know more just Add Me and Contact me and I can fill in any blanks you might be wondering about. Peace! Aloha! LT "The One & Only"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've done Some Live Shows, and I find it to be very Exhilerating, Getting The Fans Into It and getting paid for doing what I love to do. How Much Better can it Get?
Your musical influences
Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, Big Pun, NWA, 2 Live Crew, Ice-T, Ice Cube, Eminem, Heavy D, Isley Brothers
What equipment do you use?
A Regular Computer Mic and Sony Acid Pro 4.0
Anything else?
Big Ups to Mister KA, Shadowville Productions, Mr.Kooman, Sha Bro's, BTP, Toxic Beats, Sinima Beats, Purps, Emotional Productions and VTZ, they got some bangin ass beats So check umm out!
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