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Kold Phyre
Kold Phyre
33 Tracks
Chicago rap music.
This is kold Phyre, a little monumental record label on the south side of chicago, created by Germain "Gemoses The Profit" White. This is the time where the city of chicago makes way for all the rappers and inspiring artist that reside in it. Im known as Rocky, 1 of the rappers, not to mention the youngest in the group. I am the age of 15, but I am 1 of the biggest factors in Frontrunners, Kold Phyre Rightaway Records. Were not here to compete with no one. We are here to make are own sound, representing the windy city.
Band/artist history
One Day me (Rocky) was sitting outside my peoples house right of 79th and Damen around 10:30 at night. I writing a couple of 16's. Then some dude came out drunk as hell and he ask me 2 spit what I was writng. So I kicked the verse for him. Then the dude went back in the apartment building and brung out 20 niggas and my man Gemoses was in the front with his hat low to the front. He asked me to kick the verse I just wrote and when I got done with it, the only thing he said is "you wit us". Not to long ago we was all on the block dreaming about what we wanted to do. In the process of us trying to persue are dream, we met alot of people, then the next thing we knew was, we had mixtapes and albums wit a buzz popping in Chicago.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeh we do different shows, we perform all around chicago. Not anything major yet, but we do have big plans for the future.
Your musical influences
We love rap music. We love all music. We have to respect where are roots came from. We ride to motown, to gangsta rap, to metal rock. Its always good to open are eyes to different cultures of music.
What equipment do you use?
Since we do rap, we use the usual studio equipment. We have a few studios.
Anything else?
Like I said, this is the time for Chicago to come together. Because the only reason The Chi aint popping like it suppose to, is because we got to many haters. If we could kill all that extra bull-ish we could go where we need to be. So lets get it together Chicago. Everybody especially Chi-Town, thanxs for the support. We will be sure to keep it moving.
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