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One-4- the River
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soul survivor (When our worlds collide)
No Somebody
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pocket full of 1's
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Soul Survivor (when our worlds collide)
Welcome to C.H.O.I.C.E.BEATS productions on SOUND CLICK. Starting at only $50 per beat for legal commercial rights and use. We offer top-level industry quality hip hop beats for both amateur and professional hip hop artists. All of our hip hop beats are carefully composed by RJchoice, an expert hip hop producer, rather than a jumble of random hip hop beatmakers, to ensure and deliver the highest quality of hip hop and rap music. Our client list includes Grimmy and Camino, Chord a RawStraw (the Vegas Don), 3MAGI, and many more known, and soon-to-be known, hip hop artists. So purchase a license from us today and begin recording on a professional level with the comfort of legality, prevention of copyright infringement, and freedom from lawsuits. [img]http://img120.imageshack.us/my.php?image=biblexv6.jpg [/img] http://myspace.com/grimmyandcamino http://www.myspace.com/donor401 http://www.myspace.com/3magidancepage http://www.myspace.com/singari http://www.myspace.com/jisaacmusic
Band/artist history
The story of 3MAGI inc. is about the artistry of GrimmyandCamino of "G.I. born entertainment" plus the vision of Rob'FLY founder of C.H.O.I.C.E. BEATS. Fusing together original beats,poetry and R&B;Hip-Hop;SOUL,and Jazz.With a musical arsonal ranging from a state of the art Digital Audio Recording to Live Band perfomance. Grimmy and Camino together with Rob'FLY are one of the hip hop industry's hottest prospects today. Their sound represents today's issuses and reflects both the struggles and fun in life that speaks to a universal audience. Grimmy and Camino, Both from Gary,Indiana, met in 1998 but begin collaborating in 2001. At the time, Camino pursued his interest in a music school that was started by a man jack who eneded up starting one of the biggest music schools in the country called I.P.R and may jack r.i.p much love, and Grimmy was doing albums with a group he started called Q.B.S. but,them together formed a group called Grimmy and Camino in Mpls,Minnesota and by that they open the doors for alot of local rappers to do shows at clubs were there was no hip hop and the have open up for known acts such as Mystikal,Youngbloodz and Mr. cheeks,lil mo and some rapalot artist. Grimmy and Camino has recorded four albums and five mixtapes keeping up with the street scene and great word of mouth these guys has sold over 80,000 cd's in the streets with no help and doing state to state sales with no help and perfoming in countless of shows across the states, eventualy leading them to Las Vegas and another chapter in the road to destiny. Meanwhile after returning from southern California, Fly was building a rep in Las vegas as one of the few pro-level producers in area who worked with un-signed local talent. This subsequently led to work in major media culminating in contributions to two major movie soundtracks.While he continued to work with up and coming artist such as Hard Rock, 211, and many others to varying degrees of success.Fly took every opportunity to hone his talents as a live performer with the formation of The F.B.I. BAND. Caddie, on drums, dre on lead guitar. In early 2006 the paths of the "3MAGI" intersected... The result "The next paradigm in HIP HOP culture". "The sound of things to come" 2 B continued.... The Word on the Street C.H.O.I.C.E. Beats takes the best of classic R&B, Soul, and Rap, and swirls it all together into the smoothest mix of music to ever hit your ears. The Las Vegas based group looks to the legends that have come before and pieces them together with their own version of the future. Their music has more instrumentation than is commonly found in hop-hop and employs classic clips of jazz, adding to the silken luster of the music. While the sound tends toward old school and beyond, their vocals are all about the present. Subjects range from easy living to more socially conscious tracks. The Music in the Clubs: The group constantly plays gig throughout the Las Vegas, Los Angeles and, San Francisco Bay Area. Writing and recording is also a must. They are never at a loss when it comes to inspiration. Music history is as basic to them as learning how to blink; its just there. Bringing it all together in the studio is the most rewarding part of the musical process for the group. It is there that they can truly collaborate and forge their strengths into something greater than they ever expected. Luckily for us, they are intent on sharing their trails and efforts with as many people as they can. The group is working on an album and widening the venue choices. C.H.O.I.C.E. is currently working with A&R Select in Hollywood, CA- an independent A&R firm that is presenting their music for possible record deal opportunities, FILM, TV and Video score and publishing deals. --Rita Style Dir: A&R Select
Have you performed in front of an audience?
c.h.o.i.c.e. productions is the creation of Rob-n-fly, a composer,arranger,engineer. triple threat. keyboard,bass,drums. We are always scouting new venues, for a glimps of us performing, check the Life is Life video included is footage from the Las Vegas Black EXPO Awards where We performed along with Straw the Vegas Don.. Who received "Rapper of the Year award"
Your musical influences
Imagine: Stevie Wonder driving through Harlem with Duke Ellington , John Lennon and OUTKAST in a 64'Chevy Impala listening to Prince on an 8-track.
What equipment do you use?
Studio C. sonar5.pe, rolandjv90 ,rolandjv880,alesis-SR16,yamaha-tg100, akaiso1-sampler,fenderrhodes,ibenez-bass,gibson-lespaul,guitar , MIC-AT3530 (4).CONTROLER-PEAVY-STUDIO-MIX,MIXER: BEHRINGER EURORACK MX2004A 20CH. STUDIO A. PRO-TOOLS HD,2x DIGI 002 STUDIO B. PRO-TOOLS LE, AVALON, DIGI OO2
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*HARD* Demon
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Stardust (Rick Ross x Nipsey Hussle Type Beat)