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www.macdonaldfamilysingers.com, bluegrass, flatpicking, guitar, blueridge, gospel, acoustic,
My family and I (10 of us all together, yes, we are one family of two parents and their 8 children, not two combined families) sing together and travel across the USA with our music. Check out our site here: www.macdonaldfamilysingers.com You can also check out other sound clips I have online here: http://www.sitesled.com/members/bonniej/ , which includes a singing clip and a trumpet piece.
Band/artist history
My family has been performing for about 11 years. I have played trumpet about 6 years, guitar off and on for about 3 years (mostly classical), flatpicking for about 2 years.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live from here to AZ-FL and a lot of places in between, I think we've sung in more than 25 states by now. We perform at many different types of venues; pretty much where ever our music is wanted! It's always a great experience to get up there and be confident about what you're doing. I love it! This is what God wants me to be doing right now and I'm happy to be here in my life.
Your musical influences
My parents, my siblings (huge influence there!) Mountain Heart, Blue Highway, Tony Rice, Bryan Sutton, Tony Myers, Carlos Saloio, the guys at trumpetherald.com
What equipment do you use?
Trumpets: Bach Strad (circa 1965), French Besson International Guitar: Blueridge br140 Bass: Silver Creek slim upright w/ Fishman pickup and preamp
Anything else?
Any critique of my music is welcome (I'd sort of like it to be constructive, I think!). I've got a loong way to go to get anyplace and I'd be happy to hear any comments or suggestions.
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