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United Kingdom
March 17, 2006
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Krafty is a British rapper and producer based in the South East of England.
Band/artist history
Based in south-east England, Krafty has been recording and releasing music since the early 2000's. As a fan of battle rap and playful lyrics, Krafty began writing after being inspired by the likes of Redman, Big L, Canibus, Big Pun and Eminem. Krafty's history includes releasing music independently in local shops in his hometown to worldwide distribution with companies such as Apple Music and Spotify. As an outsider, Krafty found solace in writing his thoughts into rhyme patterns. It was this focus that gave him a distraction from the stress and angst of teenage life. After being put into Anger Management classes and continuous exclusions from school, Krafty eventually dropped out to focus on music full time. In the years that followed, he released multiple singles on websites such as SoundClick and MySpace as well as independent full length projects to gain attention. By age 19, Krafty had built up a relatively impressive local following for himself - but that wasn't enough. "I learned early on that nobody is going to help you succeed. Everybody's too fuckin' busy on what they want to do, mate. You want something? That's your choice. Fucking go after it or sit back down and behave." Self-motivated and self-sufficient, Krafty openly admits that he had to learn how to do everything for himself. "I couldn't mix, so I had to learn. I didn't know any singers, so I started to sing. I couldn't afford to pay companies for a music video, so I bought a camera and shot them myself. I couldn't afford to keep buying beats. So I learned how to make them myself." This may seem like the long way around to get into a music career, but it actually benefited Krafty in the long run. As of 2020, he is no longer reliant on anyone and can say he has fully mastered his Kraft. So what's next? In 2020, Krafty plans to release at least one project before the year is out with a string of music videos to accompany the singles. You can expect the entire album to be produced, mixed and mastered by Krafty with only a limited amount of features. For more news on Krafty, head to www.krafty.com or www.monumentalrecords.co.uk Krafty's solo albums, mixtapes and EP's: - 2019 - Show Must Go On - 2017 - We're All Gonna Die! - 2015 - Better Never Than Late (Unreleased) - 2014 - Dead To The World (Unreleased) - 2014 - Spare Change EP - 2013 - Not For Resale - 2012 - Not For Replay - 2010 - Do This Alone: 2 - 2008 - One Man Show - 2008 - Do This Alone - 2008 - One Time Only - 2007 - Boundless - 2006 - This Is My Story (Unreleased) - 2006 - Unreleased Cuts - 2005 - Az Tha World Turnz - 2005 - Beyond Average
Have you performed in front of an audience?
A fan threw her panties on stage. She asked for them back when she realised I wasn't Mac Miller.
What equipment do you use?
Logic Pro X, Maschine, Maschine MK3, Komplete Keyboard, Yamaha HS5's, SM58.
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