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Te Conoci En Mi Sueno
Hurt Somebody
Corazon Herido
We Run This City (feat) Quest
RNS WE NEXT THING COMING WE CHANGING THE GAME also please check out www.myspace.com/rns24 and for the fuego video check out rnsmusic.com
Band/artist history
When it comes to the hot energetic sounds of Reggaeton, New York City has officially given birth to a new sound - a new identity that we can call “our own”. Representing the “crossing” of cultures; both here and abroad, while adding a Tropical twist. The “New York” sound of Reggaeton now has a face to match the name. They are known to their fans as ”R.N.S” The name RNS officially stands for Rubio/Nesio/Shorty whom represents not only the lyrical contribution of the project, but are also 3 brothers. In some of their music you will hear them dub the name “Hermanos por Sangre”. In addition to the 3 brothers, there are 2 more important ingredients that make up this fabulous team. The group’s producer Anthony Reyes “Famine”, and their official DJ, “Platinum” are 2 instrumental players in effectively contributing to the RNS chemistry. These young men have been blessing the streets with their unique sounds influenced from HipHop & Reggae for a number of years. Coming from a Hip-Hop background Anthony Reyes a.k.a “Famine”, has been producing HipHop beats for local artists since 1998, while Chris “Shorty” was developing his writing and lyricist skills. DJ Platinum was instrumental in assisting “famine” gain the edge in production and quality in sound. A Few years later, Esmerlin Taverns “Rubio” & Ysdelin Abreu “Nesio” joined the group. Emerging from the Latin side of things - primarily having to form part of various Merengue and Bachata groups, they were able to contribute the missing Tropical sounds into RNS. Bringing together the HipHop and Latin Cultures all while creating a unique blend of Reggaeton Rhythms. Management: Wagner Mateo “DJ Frikkiao” w: 973-643-3535 / c: 973-943-8595 djfrikkiao@fiestacaliente.com Bookings: Juana Reyes “Belkis” 201-232-2115 BelkissRNS@aol.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yea we love playing live we love our fans we love to see the reaction of the crowd
Your musical influences
Rappers= G-Unit, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Wu-Tang Clan, Tempo, Mc Ceja, Dipset Produecers= Havoc, Dr. Dre, Rza, Eminem, Neptunes, Timerland, Lunytunes, Nelly, Nesty, Tiny Tunes, Naldo n Many More
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools, Fruity Loopz, MPC 2000
Anything else?
yea yea shout out to all them fans listening to our music and all those that are part of our movement "we on the rise"
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