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Omega Raw
Omega Raw
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Known in the Bay Area as Hip Hop Home- Song for Song, Rhyme 4 Rhyme Omega Raw delivers. Songs for everyday, every feeling and every situation. Find a song that
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Move Yo Body! by Omega Raw
Twitter & Instagram: @OmegaRaw LETS GIVE BACK TO THOSE IN NEED!! OMEGA RAW SUPPORTS BREAST CANCER & DIABETES RESEARCH. PLEASE BUY MUSIC AS A % WILL BE DONATED TO RESEARCH ORGANIZATIONS!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OMEGA RAW SUPPORTS EDUCATION BY GIVING FREE TRAINING AND ENTERTAINMENT TO CHILDREN ACROSS AMERICA. -----------------------------------------RIP-RAW-ENTERTAINMENT----------------------------------- OMEGA RAW NEEDS YOUR HELP!! CHANGE YOURSELF TO CHANGE THE WORLD ************************************************************************* HIT SONGS $1.00 !!PLEASE CLICK ON THE MUSIC ICON UPPER CORNER!!! ************************************************************************************************************** CLICK ON THE MUSIC ICON UPPER CORNER *************************************
Band/artist history
I started rapping in 1985 at an early age, by 18 I had developed several styles and began going to different cities like Baltimore and Washington D.C. and finding cyphers to spit in. At 20 yrs. I opened co-hosted with Jahques of Original Black Kings in Atlanta Georgia as an Open Mic on Sundays called "Hip Hop Sundays". 17 weeks straight we ran the showcase. Couple times on T.V. (UPN) locally as well as in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. I like to record a freestyle mixtape once a year nothing but Freestyle and work on tracks with other artist ranging from hip hop to Jazz and Funk and R&B. By 21 I became an avid beat maker and novice at putting together shows. In 2002 we opened Black Lion Cafe Open Mic Wed. a great success and many other Atlanta's best and brightness graced our stage with their talents. I have one album several mixtapes and much more on the way. Stay tuned..... I have performed with artist from Long Beach Dub Allstars to Sir-Mix-A-Lot, I have preformed in small towns and big cities and I love them all. -2001- Recorded The Beginning of the End & learned music frin Meiko of MGM Records Atlanta, GA Preformed -2001- 48 shows preformed from open mic to club venue showcase. -2002 -The Beginning Of The End released 500+ copies sold. -2002-40 shows preformed the year and 35 shows hosted. -2003-1000 Copies of the Beginning of the End Distributed -2004- Joined Blue Lotus Band and preformed 15+ shows in California -2004- 1000 copies of the Beginning of the End sold -2004- Freestyle Mixtape Vol. 3 Released -2004- Ancient Freestyle Master LP recorded and created in one night by DJ Izm, Uri,Shiloh and Omega Raw of BLue Lotus -2005-Opened for Sir mix Alot @ Last Day Saloon w/ Blue Lotus -2005-Opened for Long Beach Dub Allstars @ The Phoniex Theatre w/Blue Lotus -2005- Preformed @ Sonoma State University w/ Blue Lotus -2005-Opened for Long Beach Dub Short Bus @ Phoenix Theatre -2005-Opened for Sir Mixx-A-Lot @ Last Day Saloon -2005- Headlined @ The Beginning of the End in California -2006-20 songs on the top % of Soundclick Charts -2006- Hosted and Preformed Rock and Hip Hop benefits for Hurricane Katrina & Education. -2006- The Omega Raw Channel website television on Youtube.com -2007-Released Freestyle Mix Tape Vol. 4 distibuted worldwide by Rip raw Entertainment -2007-WTF Freestyle Summer campaign gains international support -2007-WTF preforms small summer Northern California -2007- Headlines @ Mary's for the last show in venue history. -2007 Omega Raw invited to play at the U.S. Army National Awards Ceremony by Sgt. Villanova -2007 Semper Fi nominated for Internet Song of the Year! -2007 Released online album Freestylemixtape vol. 4 1000 copies distributed free by Rip Raw Entertainment -2007- Preformed in 20+ shows -2008- Music Video Recorded Life in the City recorded -2008- Released The Raw Uncut -2008- Released The Mega Mix -2008 Released Rip Raw Entertainment Mixtape Vol. 1 & 2 -2008- Preformed in 10 show -2009- Released The Quickening -2009- Preform on CMC Telesvision -2009- Headline @ Hop Monk -2009- Preform and speak @ SRJC -2009-Release The Crush Mixtape -2009- California Summer Tour (L.A.-Sacramento) -2009-Cable Special on Comcast Channel-CMC "CD Styles & Images) -2009- Released Sourpatch Swag clothing Line and Rip Raw Entertainment Product Line
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have perform all over the country with Celebrities and local talent from around the globe, both as an artist and as a behind the scenes business man , sometimes I'm a camera man or a host bringing other talented people to the forefront. ************************************ CLICK ON THE MUSIC ICON UPPER CORNER *************************************
Your musical influences
Old school R&B, Early Hip Hop (Get Fresh Crew, Eric B. Rakim, Fat Boys, L.L. Cool J), Lyricist-(so many) Canibus, Wu-tang, and Busta Ryhmes as a whole I love all of them, Big Pun and my favorite Big L. Creative bands like Tribe Called Quest, Outkast and Fu-Schnickens ************************************ CLICK ON THE MUSIC ICON UPPER CORNER *************************************
What equipment do you use?
Any made available.
Anything else?
KEEP GOD FIRST. Let us be real with ourselves and others, Faking the funk does not get you anywhere. Be true to yourself and your skills will grow and never give up trying to be the best. But most Important ALWAYS GIVE THANKS TO YOUR HIGHER POWER GOD! CHaNGE URSELF TO CHANGE THE WORLD!
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