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Sir Charles (UK)
Sir Charles (UK)
21 Tracks
DJ, Disc-Jockey, Dee-Jay, Singer, Artist, Entertainer, Actor, Voiceovers and Commercials, Turntablist, CD-Decker, Producer, Songwriter, Poet, Music Maker, Party
11 songs
Sir Charles is regarded by many, as one of the top Artist Dee-Jays still around. This is a very versatile artist that has the experience and knowledge to play the most of the commercial music styles, and the knowledge to walk in and beat up the floor in most Clubs. Something he has proven time and time again. He has worked in many various combinations with bands, musicians and actors as an Artist-DJ, Singer and Actor, since in the end performance is what matters.
Band/artist history
He started his carrier at age 8, by singing. This was discovered by a neighbour after they had moved to a new house when he was around 11, this neighbour named Isaac happened to be a rather famous barytone, wich helped since he took Charles under his wings and taught him the art of classical singing. To Isaac's dismay Charles hound out that he wanted to do more then sing and at the age of 14 he found some old vinyl to have fun with, so much fun in fact, that he was observed by this visiting Afro-American Dee-Jay called Marvin. Marvin took this young man under his wings and started to teach him the trade of being an Artist Dee-Jay and Entertainer, on top of a singer and songwriter, something Marvin told him would just be a big plus for him on stage. Charles has since then seen over 50 Nations, and performed in more then 30 of them, alone as a DJ and together with many different bands as a guest + in his old band that do not exist any more. Now he is a DJ/Producer and is back to do things his own way, for better or for worse? Judge yourselves and let us know what you think.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
He is a Performance/Artist-Dee-Jay, and he plays all over the world if the deal is sound, and the people are nice & honest.
Your musical influences
Boston, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project, Jeff Wayne's Musical version of War of the Worlds, Monty Python, Tamla Motown, Phillysounds, Barthezz, Mauro Picotto and a basically any good rhythmic sound.
What equipment do you use?
Apple Powermac G5 Quad, Logic Pro 7.1, Ableton Live 5, Traktor DJ-Studio 3, Garageband 3, M-Audio Keystation Pro 88, MOTU 828 mkII, MOTU 128 Midi Express, Different Roland and Korg gear, Allen & Heath, Behringer, Mission Pro, Voice Systems Shark, Denon, Technics +++ so much more.
Anything else?
I am a Scotsman, and proud of it, so do not ever try to mix me with the so called british, we are two completely different countries, and have always been. Read your bloody history!
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