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Lord Dice
Lord Dice
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My first analog four-track was given to me by my uncle Mark. (An incredible musician!). I loved that thing and used it until I wore it out. Before that I was using cassette decks, bouncing back and forth between machines. I always used to ask the sound engineer in my fathers band so many questions and try to apply their knowledge to my own recordings. I eventually started working with computers, and today I record almost completely digital. I love making music, I don't think anything could ever make me quit, I'm just in love with it"
Band/artist history
Some people might find it hard to live up to a name like LORD DICE, but the turntablist who has embraced it hasnt had much difficulty! The Brooklyn native learned how to spin and scratch vinyl as a young child in Middlesex, and New Brunswick, New Jersey. During the burgeoning hip-hop and breakdance movement he was one of the first to use a turntable in a live performance with a band. He scratched on many now obscure indy albums, and toured with several bands,(such as Nepente, Munoz, DysFunkShun, Etc.), Locally and worldwide. Since then, hes produced his own albums and worked with other bands and soloists. These include The Wolfe Pack, Drunkn Munx , Lush, And more recently with Young G Of Organized Crime (see O.C.'s soundclick page!). During these years, this accomplished musician mastered recording equipment, both analog and digital.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Any chance I get. ALone or with other bands. I like to do walk ons and cameos with other bands alot.
Your musical influences
I am most influenced by the old school rappers that I first fell in love with as a kid like, das efx, fu-schnickens, N.W.A, Krs-1, etc., but I don't really think my music sounds like anyone else
What equipment do you use?
turntablestechnic 1210 hp pavilion and mac g4, running magix studio 7 , assorted mixers, Sure and Mx mics.
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