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Grape Soda Jerks
Grape Soda Jerks
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Female fronted ska.
Riding In Cars Is Not Safe
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Hey, we're the Grape Soda Jerks a female fronted ska band from the suburbs of chicago.Our websites are www.myspace.com/grapesodajerks and www.purevolume.com/thegrapesodajerks. Contact us for a show or what-not.
Band/artist history
Well, it started as a branch off of the band Royale w/ Cheese. Then we evolved. Lost some people gained some people. Now we're pretty cool, yes pretty cool.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do play live shows wherever and whenever we can get them. We love to go out and have a fun time playing shows. Every moment is a special moment i guess, our third show was @ wheaton grand and we are headlining the last show @ wheaton grand w/ 9 bands.
Your musical influences
Alot of ska (MU330, catch 22,no doubt,planet smashers,the specials,madness,the Aquabats, no doubt,save ferris,streetlight manifesto...etc)Jazz of all sorts (jaco pastorius,glen miller orchestra,dexter gordon,nat knig cole...etc)Punk (decendents,ramones,bouncing souls,dropkick murphys...etc) and almost evrything else.
What equipment do you use?
Oh man, ok...Ibanez artcore and a hotrod deville, a les paul model rip-off and a fender FM 212,a warwick 5 string fretless and a fender bassman, a tama set w/ some crazy good cybals,i'm not sure what brand the trumpet and the trombone and the sax's are.
Anything else?
Did you hear about that emo pizza?...It cuts itself.