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Galvanized Tron is an American Hip-Hop artist who has made his home in Omaha, NE, a place not typically recognized for its Hip-Hop scene. Galvanized Tron, howev
Freak In Me ShookOn3 and Galvanized Tron
Galvanized Tron Experience
Band/artist history
Galvanzed-tron starting freestyling in 1991 down in Jacksonville, Florida. Moved to Omaha in and started Tha Darkside in 1993 with 4 other brothers. Got off of the gansta tip and started The Noose in 1194 with MadaDraw which eventually became 79. While in college in Highland, KS The Executive Commitee was found in 1997. Included members from Chicago, Oakland, Detroit and Atchison. Collaborated with many local emcees and producers.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Some of the venues we have performed at includes Sokol Underground, Shea Rileys, The Observatory, The Manhattan Club, 120 Blond, The Goofyfoot, The Triangle Bar, Tooters, The Roxbury Club, The Boxcart and many other spots.
Your musical influences
It all comes naturally really, for the most part my situation on ground influences me. My true inspiration is just road I have paved thus far. Many lows and few highs, well lots of being high but still grounded. I strive to make my stamp on my generation. There have been a lot of great people on this earth and there are still many great people here and hopefully more to come. I wanted to make my family and city proud, show them and the world that we a people, all nationalities, have minds that are in use. And that hip hop still lives, albeit in Omaha, it's still a sign of life.
What equipment do you use?
M-Audio Keystation, Session, Sound Forge 6.0e, Acid 6.0. Garageband. Ion Drum machine. Yamaha Keyboard, Yamaha 8 track, General Microphone. Pro Tools.
Anything else?
I just speak my mind. I have an appreciation for all genres of music. I like to touch base, break ground. Hip Hop is being steered into the wrong direction. Lot of obstacles when there were so many possibilities. I represent that light at the end of the tunnel. ONE
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