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Aim to Miss (NC)
Aim to Miss (NC)
27 Tracks
Aim to Miss; Hardcore; mewithoutYou; indie
"To leave with nothing...To die alone." was released January 2nd 2007. It includes the hits,"This is Murder!" & "When I'm Gone". It contains 12 brand new songs. It is only $9.99 online, and $8.99 plus shipping and handling ($3.95).
Band/artist history
Aim to Miss was formed August 1st 2004 Aim to Miss was named by ex-screamer/singer, Douglas Bennett. It was Douglas Bennett and Dustin Hull( screamer/singer ), that agreed to the name and made it happen. Their first recruit was Dustin Hulls' brother, Cody Hull ( guitar ). Their first song they got down was " Promises and Love ". It took a total of 3, 4 hour days to get it down. Which they didn't get started on any music for 2 weeks. Dustin, Cody, and Douglas started doing shows and making a little bit of cash by mid-September 2004. On September 12th 2004, things picked up. Sean Bowman joined as the drummer. Sean Bowman is Dustin and Codys' cousin. They got 4 songs down by September 18th 2004. Dustin and Codys' dad( Mytch Hull ) then flew down from Michigan, and Aim to Miss started the recording of their first Ep intitled," Thanks for your moment of forgiveness, and watch me as I leave this world ". Which was made into a 5-song Ep, with an experimental intro. They done a few shows after the Ep dropped October 12th 2004 on Terminal Records. Then Sean Bowman ( drummer ) started getting distant. Everything started to fade away. Sean was getting caught up in college and Dustin and Cody were having problems moving. Douglas went astray. Merry Christmas!! Douglas got a bass. He gave Dustin a phone call and asked if he wanted to start back up Aim to Miss and Dustin agreed. Late January 2005, Douglas found a lead guitarist for the band. Andrew Willard started playing with Dustin, Cody, Douglas, and Sean in Aim to Miss. Sorry, but that didn't last too long. Andrew Willard was at two practices before Sean Bowman announced that he was quitting. The reason, " he was getting too old ". He felt awkward because he was 6 years older than all the rest of the members. Andrew Willard then fell out, and the reason for that was just lack of reliance. Early March 2005, Aim to Miss was ready to record a new Ep, before they started working on their full-length. Dustin, Cody, and Douglas went into recording their second, self-titled Ep. Cody played the guitar, Douglas done background vocals on track 2, and bass on all songs. Dustin done the drums and vocals on all tracks. 2/4 of the tracks were different versions of songs off their first Ep. The second Ep dropped March 22nd 2005. Douglas then lost touch in early April. Early May came around and Dustin and Cody were ready to start the full-length, so they done the first three songs. A period of waiting, practicing. Then mid-June, Dustin and Cody lost their great-grandpa, and that caused a lot of waiting and a little hiatus. Early July, they done two more songs, and then a few days later decided to take one of the songs and make it harder. The song was, " Homer ". That leads us to now; they're still in the process of making their debut full-length. They are almost finished with the album now, and it will be out, January 2006. "Love died, so we changed" is out now. April has come and gone. Aim to Miss have also got alot more going for them now. As they are included on soundclick.com; betarecords.com; ubl.com; and more. We continue to grow, and so does everything else. We will continue to progress, and hopefully there will be no other mess. Updated in tragedy.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
not yet, we don't have a full band. We have before though. We performed most when we first started at our own little named garage, "The Blue Note Club" (Pilot Mountain, NC). We have also played at our other named garage "Granny's Garage" (Mount Airy, NC). Also, at friends houses in; Dobson, NC & Holly Springs, NC.
Your musical influences
mewithoutYou, Everytime I Die, Norma Jean, Saosin, Aiden, Alesana, & Taking Back Sunday
What equipment do you use?
Drums, Mics, Guitars, Bass', Amps, Keyboards, and other shit too.
Anything else?
To order Aim to Miss merchandise call (336)429-7393 or you can just order it online.
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