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Ruth Anne (GB)
Ruth Anne (GB)
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/Pop/R&B/Dance/ songs with messages within.
Divine Intervention ~ Taster
Freedom Comes (Preview) ~ Ruth Anne & Doctor K
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Agnus Dei ~ Chester Deo Gratias Choir
Peak position #81
Life's Too Short ~ Do You Know You're Beautiful?!
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Feel the Sunshine Klubjumpers Remix
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I have gained alot of experience through training at the Hammond school, Merseyside Dance and Drama, City College (Manchester) and Liverpool Theatre School. I have also toured with Westlife, danced on the Smash Hits tour and appeared in a film called 'Everybody Loves Sunshine' featuring Goldie and David Bowie. I appeared in Corinne Bailey Raes video 'Like a Star' and in Hollyoaks as an extra. In more recent years I have worked as a dance teacher at Dramania and been singing my songs in and around Chester. I've just completed a foundation degree in Community Evangelism. I'm fortunate enough to have an excellent producer and co-writer, Neil Preston. We met at a songwriting class and have been working together ever since. Neil and I have been successful in the U.K Songwriting Contest 5 years running.
Band/artist history
I've always performed and I've had lots of training and experience. I now realise what it has all been for. My Vision is to reach the World with the Gospel through the songs God has given me to do so. Whereas it all used to be about me, and glorifying Ruth Pollard, God has completely turned that around, making me realise I can do NOTHING without Him. All that I am and all that I have is His. I want to help re-connect people with their Heavenly Father, give people Hope that there is another way, and show people that to have faith in God is NOT boring!!! How can it be when you are in a loving relationship with the Creator of Heaven and Earth??? Jesus came to Earth to pay the price for the mistakes we make. As soon as we acknowledge that and allow Him in to our lives EVERYTHING CHANGES!!! Not only are we forgiven, we are filled with peace and joy that is beyond any feeling this world could ever give us!!! We are also guided by the Holy Spirit. When Jesus went back to Heaven He left us the Holy Spirit to be our guide and comforter. We can be the people we were put on this Earth to be and believe me, coming from someone who has tried nearly every 'High' there is in my crazy past, I have never felt so AMAZING as I do now, as a result of putting my life in God's hands... I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've sung live at various events including Chesterfest fundays, an award ceremony, a mini 'Live 8', a 'Fair Trade' fashion show, the zoo Frost Fair, Battle of the Bands, Chester Cathedral (Light project supporters event), the Civic Hall in Ellesmere Port (Dramania Shows), 'Oxjam', a 'Live Earth' support evening a 'Make Poverty History' event, a 'Stop the Traffik' gig and many more! I love performing live!! Special moments would be... all of them!!!
Your musical influences
I'm in to RnB, Pop, Soul, Hip Hop, Rap, funky house, dance, Inspirational music and I love listening to worship songs!!!
What equipment do you use?
Neil Preston's endless instrumental talent in the production of our songs! When singing live; Moira Wright on keys (Moira also helps bring my songs alive by putting Chords to them), Phil Goss acoustic guitar and Ugo Eboh, Nick London or Heather Lannin on drums. Occasionally I use backing track.
Anything else?
My best words of advice that I would give to anyone who is reading this would be to 'Pray!!' You've got nothing to lose and 'EVERYTHING TO GAIN!!' God is Real, and He Loves you very much. It doesn't matter what you've done, you can go to Him and be forgiven, set free and given a peace that will help you through any situation:-)
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