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Slowdance (CA)
Slowdance (CA)
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Slowdance is progress. Heart-felt acoustic/indie/pop songs. It sounds like it would be the same old boring thing, but it's totally not. For reals.
Slowdance started as I (Chris) started getting bored of heavy music in general, and decided to play the kind of music that I truly love, the kind of music that I think is moving, and the kind of music that people can relate to, and ultimatley, the kind of of music I think just might be able to change the world some day. Haha, just kidding. Did you really believe all that? Just kidding. I meant everything except the "change the world" part, but, hey, you never know right? There is always hope.
Band/artist history
I started playing guitar when I was eight years old, and I started writing and recording my own songs on a shitty karaoke machine when I was like ten. Since then I've been in and out of a couple bands, my main band being a hardcore act called The Love Story. I'm still in that band, but now I'm doing this on the side. I also have another band called A Gentleman and a Scholar, and I'm trying to start a label. Anyways, these songs were written over the past like year and a half, some are super new, some are a little older.I recorded them on a Mac with Garageband and a Six channel mixer in my bedroom. I wanna play some kind of shows or something soon, whether it's just me and a guitar, or with a backing band. I guess time will tell. I hope you guys like the songs, I sure do.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not currently, soon enough though.
Your musical influences
I like everything, my main influnces though are probably as follows: The Beatles, Fiona Apple, Bright Eyes, Cursive/The Good Life, Say Anything, Elliott Smith, Jon Brion, stuff like that.
What equipment do you use?
Borrowed acoustic guitar, borrowed Mac G4, borrowed mixer, borrowed microphones.
Anything else?
All I ask is that everyone give me a chance, listen to the songs all the way through, I would appreiciate it. Thanks.
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