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The Blizzheads
Starcraft Music and Warcraft Music remixes, All free, Tell friends about us please. Thank you. Special Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment for making Starcra
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Star Trek: Dawn of the Century Theme
Thunderhorse [Halloween Mix]
Dethklok's song Thunderhorse. I made a halloween mix out of it. Happy Halloween everyone, sorry for long wait for other new songs, Internet is slooooow.
Warcraft Baby
Rapping about Warcraft III, and how Blizzard will BAN ALL HACKAS! Parody of Vanilla.
Revenge of the Knights Who Say Ni
Monty Python Techno. Yes I know, I don't normally post things besides Warcraft and Starcraft. But...who cares?
This band composed of songs that pay tribute to Blizzard Entertainment. For all you noobs out there who dont know what the fuck I'm talkin about, Blizzard Entertainment is the one and only producers of PC Games called Warcraft, and Starcraft. Diablo is also included in that list, but no Diablo music will b featured here. SORRY!
Band/artist history
Well in the Middle Ages some time ago, wars between the Human Alliance and Orcish Horde broke out. They destroyed the land of Azeroth. During the fourth war, the orcs went to Kalimdor, a land of mystery. The Humans did not go however, they were warned to go, but they ignored it. They payed with the destruction of Lorderon. The Burning Legion had invaded their precious lands and many humans were lost. There were however a few human survivors how went to Kalimdor. The made an Alliance with the Horde, and the Night Elves. And Together of Mt. Hygal, they defeated Archimonde and his Burning Legion. However, monthes later, the fallen human champion, Prince Arthas had set himself up as king of the Undead. He went to the frozen throne and killed one of the Night Elves most precious heros there. Illidan fell to Frostmourne, Arthas's Sword. Next Arthas became Lich King over all the Undead... TBC ( to be continued ) Years later, in about, oh lets say, 2145, A group of Terran exiles were banished from Earth. They were left to fend for themselves defending themselves against the horrid Zerg, and Awe-Filled Protoss. One of the Terran Heros, Kerrigan fell to the zerg, she was infested and became the Queen of Blades. As she hunted a Protoss Templar named Tssadar, the Overmind invaded the Protoss Homeworld of Aiur. The Protoss were furious with this. They also were hunting Tassadar because he was now a traitor for making contact with the fallen ones, the Dark Templar. Tassadar also made an alliance with the Terran Hero Jim Raynor. Jim Raynor help Tassadar greeatly. Tassadar rescued the Dark Templar Zeratual. They defeated the Zerg defense and made a full scale assault on the Overmind. Tassadar sacfriced himself and destroyed the Overmind. Kerrigan did some pretty bad stuff in the following monthes. She has many enemys at the moment. Samir Duran is aising an army of Hybrids against her. She also has to deal with Artanis, Jim, and Zeretual. She had already killed a terran hero named General Duke and a protoss hero named Fenix. She also defeated the UED (United Earth DIrectoret) and made her ascension, unsure of a certain threat in the future... TBC
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No I play in marching band, and Winter Percussion concerts, but no starcraft/warcraft music One Special Marching band moment was playing in the state finals at Invesco Field, home of the Denver Broncos
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Gausse Rifles, Nuclear Bombs, Battlecruisers, Swords, Anything Warcraft/Starcraft!
Anything else?
To all my fans, please also support the following bands: Adam 'EFC' TurcZack The Academic Dropouts Epsilon Bard of Enlightment They also have at least one song based on Starcraft
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