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St. Paul/Mpls, MN  USA
March 10, 2006
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'); May We Welcome Yall To A New Breed Of Musik! S.Y.N C.I.T.Y is movin' all over tha Twin Cities metro area in two months time and already has street recognition. Hits like, "We Ridin'", "S.Y.N.", and "Keep It Movin'", been tha ears catch. Everyone in tha crew is highly dedicated and preparin' theirselves for tha spot light. Artists; Big Hiest, Ms. Visious, Red, Shannon, T-Rez, 9 Glock, Cyco Vs., 'G', and our rappa/hitmaker Gem are all pushin themselves as tha next generation in musik to ever pull it strong enuff out of Southern Minnesota. With your support it may be a possible chance of that happenin'. As a new crew to tha streets we don't have much background fo now.We are still in the makin lookin for more talented artists, promoters, marketers, etc. and we feel you might just be the one for the job. If your enjoying the musik, then you'll deffently enjoy the company. All of the songs listed and more been created from the vibe and energy we develope in the four-corner room studio what we call, "Tha Purple Room". So if intrested, contact us at our contact page and lets expand business, We'll appreciate your offer.
Band/artist history
2006-Death Do Us Part To Be Continued
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Far as doing live events is throwning down in a street battle. Showing what crew has the tightest artists to earn our respect on the block. Doing shows is very light with us right now. Click up on our news often to see about our upcomin shows in tha near future.
Your musical influences
R&B, Rap, DMX, C-Bo, Pac, Jay-z, Down South Musik, 50 Cent, Scarface, UGK, all my emcees out thurr actually.
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools, Top Quality Mic, Yamaha Keyboard, Sound proof booth, all this and much more done in a house we call tha Purple Room.
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