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of Melancholy Burning
of Melancholy Burning
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...of Melancholy Burning Where all extremes meet, where conventions are scorned, where creativity destroys the followers to feast upon their remains, where the
Band/artist history
not really up-to-date at the moment (too tired/lazy to do it now), but that'll change shortly: The story begins in the summer of 1998 when guitarist/singer Fjalar decided that the time has come to form a band. He then asked his good friends Roel, Åska and Bianca to join him, none of them could yet play an instrument so the tasks where divided and Åska picked up the bass and Roel took his seat behind the drums. Bianca initialy took the position of singer but decided not to continue with us. The instruments proved to be well chosen as Roel and Åska progressed soon in their playing, while Fjalar became more and more comfortable with his double task as guitarist and singer. Their musical skills were developed while writing their first composition called "A Way in the Night". This composition is still part of their repertoire today, but through the years it kept on developing so it is not quite the song they started with. The band performed this song on the 15th of march 2000 at an "open stage" in what then still was the school of Roel. The band recieved mixed reaction after the gig, because of the open character of the gig some people were not prepared for an extreme metal performance, fortunately there where quite some positive reactions too. They were invited again the next year so it couldn't be al that bad. In the year 2000 the band felt the need to complete the band with a second guitarist, as their music became more complex this seemed a natural step. After some auditions, a second guitarist was finally found in Johan Tonnon, who already had some experience playing for Rotterdam's finest doom ensemble Officium Triste. Al seemed fine, Johan fitted in quite well and rehearsals went ok. But after a few months Johan decided to quit because his work demanded to much time from him, so he thought it would be better to leave. Once again a three-man band ...of Melancholy Burning decided to just start rehearsing again and after a while it was decided that the three-man configuration suited them best so the search for a second guitarist was stopped. With the line-up now stable the focus was now on songwriting. The powertrio configuration proved not to be a limitation to the bands need for complexity, but rather an advantage. From 2001 to 2004 the band has been working on songs and -even more important- and trying to find their own style. In the third quarter of 2004 the band has moved into the more avant-garde type of metal. Not a specific subgenre, that is, but an effort to stay original and keep on renewing the music. A hard task and the band is not afraid to take it on!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play live. The most gigs are in Rotterdam or not that far around... We like to play live shows and intend to increase them considerably. One special moment was an 'open stage' performance (some 5 years ago) at the school of our drummer. It was a christian school and most of the parents/teachers didn't seem to like our music, but a lot of students did! :)
Your musical influences
First of all, as already explained "Dark Tranquillity" Furthermore (but no way conclusive) bands like: Opeth, Emperor, My Dying Bride, Satyricon, Thorns, Borknagar, Arcturus, Megadeth, Fear Factory, Candlemass, Warlust
What equipment do you use?
Åska (me, bass-player): #Ibanez SR765 in black, with black-chrome hardware. #Ibanez SR800 Fretless deep metallic red/purple-ish finish (tuned down to B) #Washburn Force ABT (B-15) #SWR Bass 350 (at gigs) #SWR Goliath III Junior (at gigs) #Hartke B30 practice amp (at home) #Peavey TKO115 (rehearsal room) Fjalar (singer/guitarist): # Voice, powered with the Shure SM58 available at the rehearsal place # Ibanez RG270 DXBK guitar tuned down 2.5 steps to B, ran through a ZOOM TriMetal into the Hughes and Kettner Attax 80 owned by the rehearsal place. # Home made (by an uncle) and recently restaurated by Fjalar, his father and Åska, "London City" all tube 50 Watt amplifier head. # Marshall 1922 2x12" speaker cabinet # Ibanez "dreadnought" acoustic guitar. # Godwin -Les Paul model- bass guitar. Roel (drummer): # Tama Rockstar (vintage blue), with Zildjian cymbals # Various Zildjan cymbals # Various Wuhan cymbals