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Hustlas R Us
Hustlas R Us
7 Tracks
Hustlas 'R Us - The illest in music society.
Hustlas 'R Us Records is presenting out hot beats and artists. What more can we say? $20 - Synchronizing Rights; Use on any demo/promo/freestyles. Your demo/promo with our beat can not be sold. Other artists can still purchase this beat. **YOU MUST, I REPEAT YOU MUST SAY HUSTLAS R US OR HUSTLAS R US RECORDS in your song** - This is a synchornizing lease. YOU MUST SAY HUSTLAS R US. $40 - Leasing Rights; Use on any demo/promo. You can sell your demo/promo with our beat on it 1 time. You can not use our beat twice on a demo/promo that you plan to sell. Legal actions will be enforced & will be taken care of. We will ask for credits by you saying Hustlas R Us however this is just an option. Other artists can still purchase this beat. $100 - Exclusive Rights; The beat will be completely yours. No artists can further purchase this. You may use it on any albums/cds/demos/promos you wish. We will send you a cd with the instrumental - tagged free - including a contract saying the beat is completely yours. All artists interested in the beat will be forward to you. $250 - Custom Beats; We will work until you are satisfied with the custom beats. We will send you a cd with the final instrumental - tagged free - including contract that says it is completely yours. No artists can purchase it unless you want to sell it. We ask that ONLY serious buyers are inquired. Freebies - Free beats; Once a month we will give away a free beat to a artist who can spit the hottest rhymes on our beat. Battlez 4 Beatz so whoever got the hottest track we will give a free beat away. It only happens once a month so watch out for that. We will provide a freebie for the artists to spit on, whoever comes back with a bangin track will receive a free beat. If the artist that keeps winnin' the Battlez 4 Beatz 5 times will receive a CUSTOM BEAT on behalf of us here at Hustlas 'R Us Records. **FOR MORE DETAILS, INFO, & ETC. PLEASE CONTACT US @ HUSTLASRUS@GMAIL.COM.
Band/artist history
Well it started out as Two Piece Entertainment, but then one of the member created a sub-label thus being Hustlas 'R Us. Everything is history after that.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we do, we have a couple of dj's doing performances along with our talented artists whose done many shows also.
Your musical influences
Our influences is practically everybody. From Scott Storch to Lil' Jon. From Collipark to Trackboyz, you name it, we're influenced by everybody out there doin' their thang.
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops, Acid, Adobe Audtion, MixCraft, SoundForge, Goldwave, Turntables (Numarks), Microphone (Samson), Microphone Stand, Pop Filter, Casio Keyboard, Dell Desktop Computer, Dell Laptop, and a 16 track mixer.
Anything else?
Givin' a shout out to the fans that support us. We blowin' up cause of you and in return we will be giving out ONE free beat a month. However the beat will be tagged but will be downloadable. We'll also do battles 4 beatz, whichever artist spits tha hottest rhymes over one of our beatz will def' get a freebie. If you are interested in one of our beats please contact us through email - it is checked daily. HustlasRUs@Gmail.com - ARTISTS (you can send demos here, if we like what you are we'll def' hook you up.
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