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The Resident One is a blend of all things electronica carrying a big beat with transitional synth elements in many songs which usually feature deep dark bass
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The Resident One is an Electronica artist hitting such subgenres as industrial, Techno, Electro, Glitchcore- due to his eclectic mix of influencers such as The Prodigy, Rob Zombie, Mr Oizo, Liabach, Source Direct, Aphex Twin to name but a few The Resident One is an Unsigned act hailing from Belfast Northern Ireland.
Band/artist history
Producing music is what I'm about and I Started 7 years ago back in September 1999 when I created the vey first track after being aquainted with the means to make the music... of course there were setbacks along the way such as money for equipment- upgrading, and the inevitable computer crashes and loss of valuable track data files, but that comes with the territory The year now 2006 ending and 2007 approaching is promising as with new equipment and new lease of life-set to work on a pleathera of new releases wich will be the most professional yet Unsigned at present so if you like what you here and your interested email me- TheResidentOne@yahoo.co.uk
Your musical influences
The Prodigy, Source Direct, Photek, Laibach, New Order, The The, Rob Zombie, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk and Mr oizo
What equipment do you use?
Laptop (3.4Ghz, 80Gb HDD, Pentium 4, Windows XP), Edirol UA-5 audio interface, Berhinger Truth B2031A active 2-way reference studio monitors, SM900 Condenser Electret Microphone, Edirol PCR-M1, Reason 3.0,Sony sound forge 8, Acid pro 6
Anything else?
Enjoy quality movies one of my favourites is "Bai ga jai" or in English "prodical son" (1982) Another is "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and Ong Bak was good and all.
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