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Alan Pitts
Alan Pitts
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My name is Alan Pitts I just finshed my second CD called She Still Stands Tall I hope you like this song and Thanks
She Still Stands Tall
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School of Country Livin'
Peak position #74
Can I Come Home
Peak position #67
This is the first cut off my new CD Can I Come Home I hope you enjoy.
Band/artist history
Alan Pitts- Bio I grew up in the small town of Bristow Oklahoma on a 160 acre ranch with three sister's and one brother, myself, being the youngest. I remember doing the daily chore's around the farm and I was always singing or humming those good old country and gospel song's to pass the time. My dad and mother both sang a little and we spent the evening's watching Hee Haw or the Porter Wagner Show. I knew from the start that writing song's and singing and pickin' that old guitar was what I wanted to do. It wasn't until I was around eighteen year's old before I got my first guitar and I've been playing every club and dance hall ever since. Two years ago I lost my brother to cancer at the age of 37, from that moment on I started writing more and singing because loosing him made me realize that life is to short not to do what I love and what God has blessed me to do.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've been playing lead and rhythm guitar and singing just about every weekend for about five year's this past year I've been singing and playing with One Mile South.We mainly play in Oklahoma at several place's such as Tumbleweeds in Tulsa, Cowtown in Shawnee, Jumper's in Eufaula, and other area club's. I think one of the most special/bizarre moment's happened when I was playing a club here in Tulsa and the crowd was really enjoying what we were doing. One lady in particular was about three-sheets-to-the-wind and she decided to come up on stage and sing with me. Well, she fell off the stage, took my monitor with her, and knocked herself out on the dance floor.The next evening we played she approached me before the show and asked me what she had done. Well I told her and she raised her hand and showed me that she had broken her finger too. Come to find out she was a World Champion barrel racer and was embarassed by her action's, so if she happens to read this, well she'll remember.
Your musical influences
Country Music, and i'm talking real country not what some people are calling Country today.
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