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Blue Ice of NC
Blue Ice of NC
67 Tracks
Soulful Music with a message for all ages(Most songs)
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What's good? Welcome to the change that will bond with everyone. No, I'm not a one subject artist, I'm not a monotone artist, and I'm not a I just like that type of music artist. I am the real Blue Ice, a true artist. Check the tracks and you tell me what you think.
Band/artist history
He was born on April 29, 1985 in Winston-Salem, N.C. He is the only child produced by the union of his; mother, Henrietta, and father, James but he is blessed to have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. At the age of 2, he began showing an interest in electronics and at the age of 3, he rebuilt a radio that his great grandmother had discarded because it no longer worked. In 1999, he tested his rapping skills around his youngest brother, JW on his fathers side of his family. After that he recorded a freestyle with a toy recorder called a Talkboy over the DMX "Money, Power, Respect" instumental. The demo somehow ended up in his stepfather, Busta "Baby J" Floyd's hands, and he asked Blue Ice what were his career goals. He responded that He wanted to be a rapper/producer. His stepfather did some research on studio equipment, began to buy instruments, and studio equipment and being blessed with gifted hands and the talent and creativity to build anything he desires he built a studio in our home. A half year later, Blue Ice began to freestyle at Reynolds High School after classes. He enrolled in a high school class called Electronic Music and met a rapper by the name of Chris Key. He was starting to work on his album and asked Blue Ice if he wanted to start a group. He was wit it, so they got started. The next member that they recruited was Patrick Jenkens. He was rapping with a group called C.I.A. He didn't mind working with 2 groups so he did. After they worked on a few songs they began to let people from school freestyle after school to join their group. From the freestyles they added 2 more members, Travis White and Angelo Peguese. Chris was a senior and was about to graduate when he did a song with a guy from school named Luis Green. The song they created was nice so they also obtained him as a member. The group of 5 finished their album and was confronted with a deal from someone in Greensboro, N.C. Blue Ice canceled the meeting with this person because the group broke up. He attempted a solo project but was not comfortable with his work so he stopped to produce and record others. While in his previous group, he met Anthony(Ant) McMillian. They started working on his album. They worked on that project until they finished the album. Anthony didn't think the album was ready to be put on the streets so they didn't release it. Instead they began working on a second album together. May 2003 Anthony and Blue Ice graduated from high school. Later on in the summer Anthony moved to Fayetteville, N.C. and stayed with his grandparents. He told Blue Ice that he would still come back to finish the album, but tragedy struck and mid summer Anthony was killed in a car accident. Blue Ice was crushed to lose his friend. As he showed his respects at his funeral, he promised he would make it for his boy Ant. When he returned from his funeral in Fayetteville, he began to work on his album. He still felt like he wasn't ready yet, so he didn't release any material. By the spring of 2004, he was finally on his feet. He began to work on His new album, "In the City of Tre Foe". The name comes from the nickname of the city of his birth. He teamed up William Conrad and some local artists. They began to make local mix tapes and to sell them. By fall of 2004, he met some people from Lexington, N.C. and he combined with them to form Beat Down Productions. At the beginning of winter, he stopped working, separated from the group(on good terms) and started renting out studio time full time. Before the end of December of 2004, Beat Down Productions had finished their album and shortly after that, so did Blue Ice. The Beat Down members, O.L.- the producer, Bino, Two Times, and more now are working on their second album, recording with Blue Ice. Then Blue Ice started promoting his album "In the City of Tre Foe". His lack of knowledge for promotion he began to regroup. At this time he had only one major (a major is a artist that gets major attention) other than his self on Rock'em Out Records and that was Ill Weezy AKA Young Soulja Ragg. He realized he had to regroup and make a team that was strong in all aspects but smart enough to learn from him and use all there talents to there advantage. He first started with a local twin by the name of Young Donz. Young Donz was aggresive, quick thinking, exciting and a old know it all type character. The know it all was what Blue had to get him out of. Song after song they did he had a feeling it was not to his full patential, until one day Blue and him had an argument. The point of the argument was if you listen I can make you hot.....I can make them love you just give me a month. A month past and Blues words came to past. That was the first new major on Rock'em Out Records. During this time Blue was still renting out studio time also and going to school.(2Bcontinued)...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I perform in clubs and I love the energy from my hype songs.
Your musical influences
My Parents
What equipment do you use?
Korg Triton, Roland XP-80, E-MU MP-7, Delta 1010, Rode Microphone, 24 Track Mixer, and a PC.
Anything else?
I want to thank God, all three of my parents Henrietta(moms), James(Dad), and the person who started this Busta "Baby J" Floyd(Dad). My 6 Siblings, my recording clientel and The whole Rock'em Out family.
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