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This is what happens when you bring the ideals and soul of the late 60's and early 70's black rock into the new millenium
She Is The Freak Of My Dreams
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If You Don't Need It Don't Do It
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Bad Man From A Bad Mother
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Check our website Http://ptheory.co.uk PTheory is a musical collective lead by Alex Campbell and Graham Kay. Our mission is to play the music we wanna hear! Hopefully some of you out there might like it too, but before you can do that you have to know where we're coming from. Based in Chester (UK) Alex and Graham founded PTheory with the sole purpose of creating original music using the same basic ingredients that their heroes had used. So the lid came off and the probes went in on the Band of Gypsies, Funkadelic and all the other black rock / funk acts of the golden era of music.? The sounds were analysed and the playing pulled apart until all the basic ingredients were detailed and understood. This focus and drive eventually lead PTheory to the home of the original funk Plainfield, New Jersey and the legendary Kevin Goins band leader of Quazar and General Kane. Kevin, along with his late brother Glenn, had created many funk landmarks during his career along and has one of the most highly respected soul voices ever. The bond and mutual respect was instantaneous and lead to the successful creation of a full album over a 2 week period. Titled "From the Hood to the Wood" the album offers a deeper alternative to the original PFunk style and offers lots of positive messages as opposed to the normal negative wannabe player bullshit that saturates the modern music industry. All music on this site is controlled by international copywrite. ONE LOVE FROM THE WOOD TO THE HOOD...
Band/artist history
The Background Alex and Graham have spent years perfecting the sounds and recording techniques of PTheory until it became a statement, a way of life, a concept and an idea whos time had come to pass. Armed with a new confidence and self belief and having played with countless musicians and vocalists over the years we decided to take the concept to the next level. Frustrated by the fact that we seemed to spend half our time explaining the essence of funk to these musicians only for them to get frustrated and run away in fear from the funk, we knew the only way forward was to assemble the "A-Team" for the next album. A crew that didn't need things explaining and that had proven over the years that they could seemlessly integrate into the PTheory vibe. The Players The problem was that Alex and Graham openly admit to being musical Nazis. PTheory has always been their baby and like any proud parent they will never hand it over to someone else to look after without a thorough vetting and accreditation process first. Our vision has always been the same for PTheory since its first inception way back in 1993. We always wanted to play the music we like to hear, and have longed for a new twist on the black rock / early funk / acid rock genre, one that would not just try and recreate the past for the sake of being retro, but would pick up the reins from the fore fathers and run with it. Bold statement from a couple of white boy hicks from south central cheshire! To play this music well, you not only have to master the physical techniques and licks, you have to create the right organic sounds and most importantly of all put your head in the right frame of mind where the vibe flows through. As soon as the funk becomes manufactured and arranged it is no longer is funky. Its supposed to smell, its supposed to be on the edge, its supposed to be bad ass and primal. It has to operate from within the chromozones and cells not from a song sheet. So first to the table was Damon "Wiggles" Wilding. For funk drummers in the UK, and arguably the world, there could be no other choice. Damon had grown up listening to and playing nothing but funk and reggae and actually took the same musical journey as Alex down the PFunk road from a very early age. He has mastered the old school vibe of Tiki Fullwood and Buddy Miles but then put his own reggae twist on the beat to make it swing like no other. Bass and guitar duties were always going to be shared between Graham and Alex as through playing with each other for so long they were an unmoveable unit that were locked in the same psyche and groove. Their ability to instantly change a mood had been developed over 10 years. Part time PTheory drummer, Andy "Funkentelechy" Hay was a must for his unique enthusiasm and vibe that he always brought to the table as well as his percussion and vocal skills. Andy introduced Jake Jackson, a purist old school keys player with all the right original equipment. The Cream There was still a missing piece, the all important lead vocal. We knew what we wanted but just couldn't find it. The music screamed out for a huge black, gospel / funk voice. There was only one choice.....we had to go back to the root of it all, the home of the funk, Plainfield New Jersey. Our favourite vocalist (along with most PFunk fans) was the mighty Glenn Goins. Glenn had died tragically at the age of 24 so we were always on the lookout for a Glenn clone. However we struck gold! Through the help of Marcel Visser (without whom non of this would have been possible) we managed to find a root to Glenn's brother Kevin and made contact with him through his manager Barbera Thomas (wife of Keith and daughter in-law of founding member of the Parliaments Grady Thomas). The Connection Opportunities like this come along once in a lifetime, its what you do when they arrive that makes the difference! After months of talks and mutual muscle flexing and jokeying for position, it was on. Kevin agreed to come over to England for a two week period to make an album from the ground up with PTheory as an equal member sharing both the creative and writing credits in equal measure with Graham and Alex. The Venue With such a unique opportunity, every step had to be taken to ensure that the creative process could be unleashed in full without restraints. So the venue was always going to be Castle Hill studios in North Wales where PTheory had regularly recorded and thrown some almighty parties in the past. A 16th century converted brewery that used to be run by monks with the purest water source in Britain running underneath, it ensured that the live room (an underground cavern) delivered sufficient BOOM to make the recordings really stand out. So the room and mics were set up in the old school manner so all the instruments were played live at the same time....One take snakes! The Guitar Army We had always envisaged that Kevin would be here for his vocals, little did we know how much the boy could play as well! Being Eddie Hazel's best friend and brother of Glenn we should have realised, but nothing could have prepared us for the unique Plainfield feel he brought on the instruments. We were honoured, this was the holy grail that white boys never got shown, but we weren't about to roll over. We hit Kevin with our best shot that knocked him off his feet until you could cut the testoserone in the air with a knife. All the players dragged the best performances of our lives as God had told us how it should be....we were one, this is what we had prayed for and our prayers had been answered. The Result The love and mutual respect between the players has ensured that not only is PTheory now a single entity but we are lifelong friends not matter how far we are apart. The results speak for themselves, you can here some previews under the "listen to us menu - current" on this site. Although the tracks are not yet mixed, they do not need a lot of work as the sound of the room was so right. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THEM AS MUCH AS WE DID !!!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All the time, we are 100% a live band, that is how we record and how we perform. We regularly tour the east coast US and Europe
Your musical influences
Funkadelic, Parliament, PFunk, Jimi Hendrix, early ZZ Top, Quazar, Houseguests, James Brown, The Meters, Mandrill etc etc
What equipment do you use?
All vintage strats and 60's Fender amps with old effects
Anything else?
Kevin has so much talent it is not funny
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