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AbStract Giants-AG's
AbStract Giants-AG's
3 Tracks
Organic Live Hip Hop, Funk, Rock, Jazz Fusion
Picture a violin wailing as three MCs spit semi-automatic bursts of rhymes and you'll begin to envision the draw of Abstract Giants, an eight-piece hip-hop band that draws as much from Tito Puente as it does from The Roots. When the band performs, their origins are evident. They seem like a post-integration, suburban version of Fat Albert's Junkyard Gang.. ----Chicago Sun Times---------------------- Hip hop band. It's not too common to see those three words written in that order, is it? When you do, more often than not you'll be reading about Philly innovators The Roots. You can understand my excitement when I realized that we've now got our own version of that legendary group right here in our backyard. .. [the abstract giants] all immensely talented, and upon first listen, you'd think the band has been playing together forever. Amazingly, it's only been about two years since the group's inception. Ladies and gentlemen, there's finally a reason for you to take that copy of The Low End Theory out of your CD player. The golden era of hip hop may be long gone, but the Giants are truly the next big thing. ---Spencer Lokken, Chicago Innerview magazine
Band/artist history
June 17th 2006: Taste of Tippicanoe Laffyette, IN Friday Feb 17 2006: The Canopy Club, Champaign, IL w/ Lorenzo Goetz (CD release) Saturday Feb 11 The Metro, Chicago, IL CD release for THE CHICAGO DROP! w/ Verbal Kent, Dynamic Vibrations, Small Change. Saturday January 21th Morseland Chicago, IL w/ Small Change & Wine Poetry. Presented by The Seminal Friday December 16th: The Barn Willowbrook, ILW/ Verbal Kent, Karnage, Agents of Change Saturday November 5th: Jazz Central Station. Springfield, IL Friday November 4th: Nargile. Champaign, IL Friday October 21st: The Abbey . Chicago, IL Opening for The Coup and Lifesavas Monday October 10th: The Metro. Chicago, IL. Hurricane Katrina benefit show. All proceeds will be donated to the McCormick Tribune Foundation. With The Redwalls, The M's, & Bumpus Friday Sept 30th: The Abbey . Chicago, IL Opened for Lyrics Born & Pigon John Friday Sept 16th: Funky Buddha Lounge. Chicago, IL Saturday Sept 10th: Ottos. Dekalb, IL with J Davis Trio Thursday Aug 25th: Field Museum . Chicago, IL Opening for Frank Orrell (from Poi Dog Pondering). Sunday Aug 14th: Wrigley Field . Chicago, IL 8/1/05 Monday The Abbey, Chicago, IL (w/ Eyedea, the Crest) 7/13/05 wednesday North Ave Beach, Chicago, IL (w/ Baldwin Brothers) 7/9/05 Saturday House of Blues, Chicago, IL (w/ Freespace, Chicago Afrobeat Project) 7/9/05 Saturday Art Fair in the Square, Madison, WI 7/8/05 Friday Memorial Union Terrace, Madison, WI (w/ Know Boundaries, Dumate) 6/26/05 Sunday Taste of Chicago, FOX Stage, Chicago, IL 6/24/05 Friday Metro, Chicago, IL (w/ Treologic, Psalm One & Longshot, Jagoff) 6/4/05 Saturday The Abbey, Chicago, IL (w/ Zion I, One.Be.Lo, Crown City Rockers, Linc) 3/19/05 Friday The Note, Chicago, IL (w/ Offwhyte, Longshot) 2/19/05 Saturday The Abbey, Chicago, IL (w/ Bumpus, Contriband) 2/18/05 Friday FOX AM News, Milwaukee, WI 2/8/05 Tuesday Hot House, Chicago, IL (w/ PACIFICS, Verbal Kent, Mr. Greenweeds, Family Tree) 1/28/05 Friday Metro, Chicago, IL (w/ Treologic, Bad News Jones, Farm Crew, Star People) 1/19/05 Wednesday The Abbey, Chicago, IL (w/ Diverse, Jean Grae, Psalm One, Erratik Statik) 12/31/04 Friday The Note, Chicago, IL (w/ Chicago AfroBeat Project) 12/15/04 Wednesday Metro, Chicago, IL (w/ Autumn Defense, Andrew Bird, The Safes) 12/11/04 Saturday Angelic Brewing Co, Madison, WI 11/24/04 Wednesday Wise Fools, Chicago, IL (w/ Altiro) 11/23/04 Tuesday Hot House, Chicago, IL (w/ Jah Safe, Contriband) 11/20/04 Saturday Morseland, Chicago, IL (w/ Contriband & the P.A.C.I.F.I.C.S.) 10/30/04 Saturday Boiler Room, Arlington Heights, IL 10/29/04 Friday The Abbey, Chicago, IL (w/ Hieruspecs, Bad News Jones, POS) 10/24/04 Sunday High Noon Saloon, Madison, WI (opener: Prole!) 10/14/04 Thursday Metro, Chicago, IL (openers: Farm Crew, Tabakin, Small Change) 9/17/04 Saturday The Great Dane, Madison, WI 9/17/04 Friday Extreme Nights, Janesville, WI 9/11/04 Saturday Cans Street Festival (w/ Catfight, Elevation), Chicago, IL 9/10/04 Friday Nargile, Champaign, IL 9/4/04 Saturday Subterranean, Chicago, IL 9/3/04 Friday Nellys Piper, Lemont, IL 8/30/04 Sunday University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Whitewater, WI 8/12/04 Friday Illinois State Fair, Springfield, IL 8/12/04 Friday Jazz Central Station, Springfield, IL 7/25/04 Sunday Taste of Lincoln Ave (w/ Indiginous, Hairbangers Ball, Trippin Billies, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Mike & Joe, & Mab Lab) 7/24/04 Saturday Tweeter Center Warped Tour (w/ Atmosphere, Flogging Molly, Good Charlote, NOFX, Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, ) 7/16/04 Friday Metro (opener: P-1, Contriband) 7/11/04 Sunday Clark Street Music Fest, Chicago, IL (w/ Pomeroy, Mike and Joe, Groovatron, Dave Tampkin) 7/10/04 Saturday Art Fair on the Square, Madison, WI 6/18/04 Friday Schubas, (w/ Bumpus) 6/4/04 Friday Congress Theater, (w/ Treologic, Apollo Project, 8fatfat8) 5/29/04 Saturday Birdys, Indianapolis (w/ Audible Thought) 5/13/04 Thursday Metro (opener: Treologic and Small Change) 5/1/04 Saturday Madison Union Terrace, WI Headlined 4/24/04 Saturday Wise Fools Pub (opener: Ill Rek, Contriband) 4/2/04 Friday Chicago Underground Studios (opener: PALA, Freespace) 3/26/04 Friday Birdys, Indianapolis (w/ Audible Thought, The Franchize) 3/14/04 Sunday Martyrs (opener: Irradio and Tom Sharp) 3/12/04 Friday Heartland Cafe (opener: Dynamic Vibrations and T-Scar) 2/19/04 Thursday Schubas (opener: Contriband and Small Change) SOLD OUT SHOW! 1/23/04 Friday Wise Fools Pub (opener: PALA) 1/2/04 Friday Subterranean (opener: Treologic and Zzaje) 12/11/03 Thursday Fitzgeralds (opener: Dynamic Vibrations) 12/5/03 Friday Subterranean (opener: Funktelligence) 11/12/03 Tuesday Hot House (opener: Organic Mind Unit,Treologic, Star People (Family Tree)) 10/31/03 Friday Wise Fools Pub Headliner (opener: Stracandy) 10/18/03 Saturday Subterrenean Headliner (opener: P1) 9/26/03 Friday Madison Union Terrace, WI Headlined 9/24/03 Wednesday House Of Blues Open For Punsayapaya / Buddahs Belly 9/5/03 Friday Double Door Opened for Fareen Haque 8/23/03 Saturday Hog Head McDunnas Headliner (opener: OMU) 8/2/03 Saturday Martyrs Headliner (opener: Treologic) 7/18/03 Friday Metro Opened for Bumpus 7/5/03 Saturday Double Door Opened for Bernie Worell 6/14/03 Saturday The Note Headliner (opener: All Fours) 6/4/03 Wednesday Double Door Headliner 5/23/03 Friday Subterrenean Headliner (opener: P1) 5/16/03 Friday Double Door Opened for Bumpus 4/8/03 Thursday The Bottom Lounge Headliner (opener: OMU) 4/18/03 Friday Wise Fools Pub Headliner (opener: Jeep (from the Samples)) 3/22/03 Saturday Subterrenean Opened for Bumpus 3/1/03 Saturday Hog Head McDunnas Headliner (opener: Family Style) 2/20/03 Thursday Tin Lizzie Headlined 12/31/02 New Years Eve Subterranean Headlined (opener: Tabakin) 12/20/02 Friday Metro Opened for Bumpus 12/12/02 Thursday Excalibur Headlined 12/12/02 Thursday Boulevard Cafe Headlined (opener: P1) 12/14/02 Saturday Lucid Studios Headlined (opener:P1) 11/22/02 Friday The Note Headlined 10/31/02 Halloween Gunthur Murphys Headlined (opener: Daily Bridge Club) 10/25/02 Friday Boulevard Cafe Headlined (opener: P1) 10/4/02 Friday Hog Head McDunnas Headlined 9/13/02 Friday Subterranean Headlined (opener: Tabakin) 8/8/02 Thursday Gunthur Murphys Headlined 7/25/02 Thursday Fitzgearlds Headlined 6/5/02 Wednesday Old Town School Headlined 5/17/02 Friday De Ja Vu Headlined 4/18/02 Thursday Cubbie Bear Headlined
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play Live all the time; We are a Live Organic Hip Hop Band from Chicago
Your musical influences
all musicians & genre's. We are influenced by our shared personal experiencing inthe world we live today
What equipment do you use?
amps- mesa/yahama drums-DW Guitars-Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Bass- Schecter Violin- Zeta Cymbals- Zildjan Effects- Boss/ Digitech Mic- AKG/ Sennheiser
Anything else?
check us out at www.myspace.com/abstractgiants
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