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Thrash Ratchet
Metal , Rock , Heavy Metal , Hard Rock
1 songs
133 plays
Big Boss Is Pissed
In your face and ready to rock ! ! ! Watch out you may get what you ask for.
Thrash Ratchet is an explosive force on the hard rock scene. With a 4 song EP "Bullets And Chains" and a full lenghth CD "Big Boss Is Pissed", the band has won over a fast growing number of fans world wide. Their high energy songs, cutting edge sound, and fresh wild rockin' attitude that comes from their music, keeps them one step ahead of the pack.
Band/artist history
Founding members Johnny Blackout on guitar and Pat Ratchet on drums started hashing things out about 13 years ago in upstate New York. With the right combination of desire, excitement, and alcohol, they were able to bang their heads together to formulate a sound like no other. Trying to satisfy their insatiable craving for the right chemistry, they were able to weed out the weak and fuuze Lou Miller on fretless bass and Chris Hernandez on vocals into the meld.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The band has gigged feverishly supporting top acts including Lynch Mob, Metal Church, Nuclear Assault, Joey Belladonna, Suffocation, Type O Negative, Overkill, Prong, Three Inched Of Blood, and the legendary Twisted Sister ! ! ! !
Your musical influences
Heavy Metal , Rock and Roll Pantera , early Metallica , Black Sabbath , Kiss , old Deep Purple , and original formula Van Halen
What equipment do you use?
Pearl drums, Sabian cymbals, Randall cabinets, Barrington guitars, Shure mics, Fender amps
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