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the 100Song Eric (www.100Song.org)
This 100 Song is created by Eric Geevers. Wonderful musician, person and creative mind. Here he plays bass, drums, guitars, autoharp, 'schalmei' tambourine and... Vocals. He rocks !
100Song Tjerk Ridder band (www.100Song.org)
An other 100Song this time made by the ' Tjerk Ridder Band' www.100Song.org Also see www.tjerkridderband.nl
100Song 4 languages (www.100Song.org)
This 100Song counts in Dutch, German, Spanish and English. Can you count along?
AirTheBestTrack (www.100Song.org)
100song version as performed by dj Kikke, Feat. JoshuaBeats With this beat you can practise your 100song Just start counting in your own language or language of choice - or mix and mingle inbetween all the languages you know. Un, Two, Drei, Quatro
Welcome to the www.100Song.org extention page at Soundclick Go see what it is all about at: www.100Song.org Here on soundclick you can listen to, rate and share your thoughts about the 100Song. Also You can post your MP3 100Song - just mail your request to joshuasamson@mac.com and you will get acces to upload Your 100Song. There will be at least 100 100songs all with a 'You Win" bonus. The songs are in as many musical styles as there are entries and also in as many languages as desired. The only connecting factor is that the main lyrics are.....Yes, indeed based upon counting from 1 till 100. In between the numbers you can rhyme, vocalise, be quit or make your stament, tell your story this can be done in Dutch, English, Qechua, Sanskrit or any other tongue. ALSO here you can SUPPORT the development and maintenance of the site www.100Song.org by purchasing the songs. Your cents will go to cover the hours the Webmaster / designer / animator / inspirator - May He Live Long - puts in.
Band/artist history
The first 100Songs were created with groups of people counting from 1 till 100 in everybodies own language. Can you imagine the first time we had 15 nationalities 'sing counting' outloud together while being accompanied by some 30 people counting softly in Dutch. The remarkable thing is that when people are 'singing' together all the words are still audible instead of when people are 'talking' at the same time. It seems that while making 'Music' the sense of hearing can be in optimal use while you are at the same time actively creating sound by (for example) singing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, Yes the 100Song is performed by groups , bands, individuals and by YOU (You can also play the short version yourself with people you meet and greet just count together from 1 till 10) at a gasstation while pumping gas, in a que at the store, in a line waiting to get into a concert or sport event or in a beachbar waiting for your drinks.
Your musical influences
The musical influences you will hear in the 100Song's are those of YOU. When you post a 100Song feel free to compose to your liking. There are already a number of styles being worked on: Reggea, Modern Classical, Rap / hip hop, Garage rock, House and even Gregorian styly
What equipment do you use?
See www.joshuasamson.com for gear. soundclick.com/musicforHang a wonderful instrument named the Hang from Bern, Switserland.
Anything else?
Enjoy the 100Song and keep in touch. Go see the site www.100song.org Please note that all 100Songs posted will be monitored for content and x-plicit lyrics.
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