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Gentsta Kru
Gentsta Kru
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Heavy gangsta rap crew, from da dampuurte ghetto in ghent. Keep it real fo sho'
Yo, stand up and clench fists. Hear the bells, there's a new player in town. And that be us, Gentsta Kru, represent. Fo years da Flemish gangstarappn scene has been misrepresentin. Fo years, dat is, until now. From da total darkness, 2 brave playa's have risen, and wid dem, anodder one. Dem be Lil' Lex, Prazzle and Coolio. 3 downrite moddafukn gangstahthugs from da hood, livn and diein in da ghetto, bustn caps and smackn hoes. Dey bring u a new style, a new beat, a new voice against autoritay and no good thinking-they-be-bustin-rhymes-but-dey-be-bustn-shit-wiggas from da dutch scene. 3 members got no kno eachodder in prison, for numerous crimes against numerous peopl. Growin up in an all black prison is hard for 3 white boyz from da hood, so dey stood fast togedder, started makn rhymes and dissn dem prisonpussies. Once out in winter 2005, dey found Gensta Kru, now not only a voice against dem prisnthugs, but against all rhymebustn thugs, wreakin havok and all dad shit. Gensta Kru is a VZW, not into the trade fo the monay, but fo the cause. Both 3 membahs grew up in the Dampoort Ghetto in Gent City, one of da hardest to survive in, but dey did anyway. Nevr any chance fo edukation, dey had to steal an kill to ged their bling and cars, endn up in prison in the end, where dey saw the lite. Onlay seconds after dey were free, 3 new krumembahs joined the shid, bustn rhymes like dey always did, but now in a kru worthay fo' representn. They were EaztZide Eddy, from downtown Dampoort Ghetto, MC Smooth M, from Moen (the Harlem of Westside Flanders), ridin low from the five-0 cuz he's all illegal and all dat shit, and last but not least Fat J, bringin the G-Kru to a new level zf suxes, wid dem funkay and totlly down beats. Fat J cudn't stay wif us fo a verray long time, cuz our succs became his death. Fat J was clippd 7 times in the head, once fo each hit rekord we made, by a rivl gang from the Aarschot. Us other playa's didnt give up tho, so here's we again, bustn lyrics like we's bustn caps once. Much retpsec goes out to our numbah once gangstahplayahthug, Fat J. U's still wid us, omeboy. Keep it strait, w'll catch u on da flipside. Wipn out their furst hit, Gensta Kru started representin on the surface, keepn low, but now low enuff to be underground. They also had sum features wid da wicked hawt rnb star Ragazza and da naughty gangstarappin biatch lady WND. Now you found da kru, dey found u. Keep on representn, represent u, represent G-side.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We battle in da streetz and perform in undaground clubz, if da 5-0 aint takin our gear dat is.
Your musical influences
50 cent / Krapoel in Axe / Eminem / Snoop doggy dog / Dr Dre / NWA / Ron Jeremy / Al Capone / Kool G Rap / Ice T / Mobb Deep / Nas / Jay-Z / Notorious BIG / Master P / Da Brat / Mystikal / Tupac Shakur / Ma$e / Ja Rule / Lloyd Banks
What equipment do you use?
Dem vocals dat da god gave us, kno wud ima sayin?
Anything else?
Our wicked pimpin skillz and our pieces!