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Life Toward Twilight
Life Toward Twilight
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Life Toward Twilight is a dark ambient, post-industrial project based in the Detroit area in Michigan. It was established in 1999 as a solo project by Daniel Tu
Life Toward Twilight is a dark ambient, post-industrial project based in the Detroit area in Michigan. It was established in 1999 as a solo project by Daniel Tuttle.
Band/artist history
Daniel spent 1994 through 2000 working with Shawn Kent on a very heavy industrial project titled Ogun's Will, based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ogun's Will performed live occasionally, and featured a number of differnt live performers, which always centered on Daniel and Shawn's compositions. In 1999, Daniel felt a need to explore much softer and minimal composition that heavily contrasted the thick beat driven material of Ogun's Will. A few tracks were written that eventually were released as "Into Words I Have Fallen". This disc was largely ambient and noise, with sparse neoclassical elements thrown in. Approximately fifty copies of this disc made it into circulation. In August of 2000, Daniel did a solo performance at the BodyHammer Festival as Ogun's Will, but all of the material was Life Toward Twilight material. Other artists at this festival included mindFluxFuneral, Enduser, Slave Cylinder, Monstrum Sepsis and many others. In late 2000, Daniel relocated to the Detroit area in Michigan. In 2001, work on the album that would be titled "Catayo" began. A demo of this album was forwarded to Elayne Safir, who wrote a beautiful story to go along with the music. The album was released with the story, and they worked well together. Life Toward Twilight received many great reviews for this work, and many more copies of this were sold than the previous effort. The album was almost exclusively very dark ambient, drones and noise. In 2002, Daniel began to work with Brent Nicholas. Recording sessions took place over the next couple of years. Bits and pieces of these recording were used in future releases, and there are plans to release fuller sections of the recordings as a complete release. This collaboration with Brent lead to a few Life Toward Twilight live performances. Between 2002 and 2004, Life Toward Twilight has performed alongside many fantastic artists, including Phallus Uber Alles, Delien, Xanopticon, Iszoloscope, Chiasm, Black Sand Desert, Things Outside The Skin, Larvae, CDatakill, and many others. In 2004, Life Toward Twilight compiled a set of new recordings into an album titled "A Subtle Dawn". This album featured synth work by Brent Nicholas and the vocal talents of Elyse Reardon. At this time, Daniel's fiance, Laura Purdy, became sick, and was diagnosed with cancer. Daniel took the next year away from music to take care of her. In early 2005, Laura passed away from complications related to the disease. Later in 2005, Daniel since "A Subtle Dawn" didn't make it into wide circulation, he decided to recompile it into a new album featuring some new tracks, and some older tracks. The end product became, "We Waited For A Subtle Dawn". The decision was made to put the whole album online as free a download to help rejuvinate interest in the project, after a such a long period of inactivity. The response has been quite positive. Life Toward Twilight is currently working on new material, and is restructuring in an effort to perform live more frequently.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live performances have been rare, but there have been a few notable appearances, including an early slot at the Eclectic Productions stage at the Detroit Movement Festival.
Your musical influences
Musically, I draw endless inspiration from Current 93, Coil, Shinjuku Thief and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. There are others, but these are the most notable. Otherwise, life is my inspiration. What I experience daily. Many of my compositions are from fragments of my day, or snippets from dreamtime.
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