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An adventure through the world of amateur electronic music from the first beat to the last ambient note.
The birth of a musician, ad astra per aspera, through nothing but my dreams and my synthesizers.
Band/artist history
ProjektZero, aka Matthew Rittinghouse, started casually composing in the Summer of 2005 (with little luck). Seeking help from artists and inspirations, he found little aid. So, he decided he would gather some of his inspirations together to one place, and forge an academy where like-minded amateur artists could learn how to compose together, building each other up. After a lot of talking and searching, Electronic Music Central was born. Now branching off into multiple areas such as podcasting, legal mp3 file sharing, tutorials, community forums, radio shows, and more, EMCentral is on the rise, but ProjektZero is still an avid amateur composer, trying to improve his skills while being dedicated to helping those around him improve theirs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Unfortunately, I haven't played live yet, but I do have intentions to play live in the future. The closest I've been so far is by hosting a series of radio shows. I've probably clocked over 50 hours of DJing time there.
Your musical influences
Some people are influenced by huge bands to start out with, but as for me, my influences are actually sites like FlashFlashRevolution and OCReMix. Later on, once I started to expand my musical horizons, I developed a devout passion for artists such as Daft Punk and BT...and a lot of vocal trance in between.
What equipment do you use?
Dance eJay 7, FL Studio 5.02, AM-242 NCAT microphone, and SoundForge.
Anything else?
You can reach me on AIM at DJProjektZero. Electronic Music Central (EMCentral)'s website is http://emcentral.dyns.net/ We always welcome new visitors or anyone with a passion for electronic music, be they artists or just listeners. Keep in mind, I claim to be an amateur and nothing more. Until the end of my days, that's all I will ever be. Just an amateur. Regardless of what comes my way, be it fame or just a lot of headaches, I do this for the passion, the fun, the experience and nothing else.
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