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Another Life UK
Another Life UK
1 Top 100
9 Tracks
rock another life metal heavy
1 - The Rise [Instrumental]
Peak in sub-genre #37
2 - A New Beginning
Peak position #98
3 - King Of Dread
Peak in sub-genre #40
4 - Promised Land
5 - Falling Down
Another Life are a 4 piece rock band from Camberely in Surrey. Consisting of a singer, a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. Another Life have been going for around four years and have come up with a good number of songs.
Band/artist history
The founding members (Steve and Craig) decided to have a jamming session after Steve found out Craig played bass and his brother Graeme played the drums. They then employed another friend who stepped in as guitarist and singer, unforunatly after a few weeks he left. By this time Another Life was known as '2 Year Warranty'. A few weeks went past when they hired another friend by the name of Rob Fairclough. At first Rob was just starting out on guitar so his skills were limited and after a year of being in the band he left. The band was known as 'Unidentified Rocking Object' at that time. To replace Rob they took on another friend. Then they wrote two songs: King of Dread and URO. The new guitarist never showed up for practices and was soon replaced by the returning Rob Fairclough. By now Rob had inproved loads and so had the rest of the guys. The first course of action they took was to change the name, the ideas were: Guardians of Hell, Gates of Hell and Another Life. Another Life was then chosen. There was one problem with the band at that point. No Singer. After a year of writing songs they finally found a singer. Tom Taylor. Under a year passed and Rob became fustraited with the fact that Another Life wasn't getting any gigs, so late 2006, he left for good. Another Life are now are 4 piece group and they have written many songs since Rob left and will continue to do so as time goes on.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Another Life have played at a local battle of the bands and recieved a great reception even though they didn't win.
Your musical influences
Iron Maiden, Metallica
What equipment do you use?
Steve - Guitars: BC Rich Kerry King Flying V, BC Rich Warlock - Amp: Marshall AVT 150 Craig - Bass: Epiphone Reverse-Body Thunderbird, Yamaha RBX170 - Amp: Ashdown Graeme - Drums: Mapex - Cymbals: Sabian B8, Zildjian ZXT
Anything else?
Line Up History: 2003: Guitar / Vocals - Band's Friend Guitar - Steve Smith Bass - Craig Bradford Drums - Graeme Bradford 2004: Vocals - None Guitar - Steve Smith Guitar - Rob Fairclough Bass - Craig Bradford Drums - Graeme Bradford 2005: Vocals - Craig Bradford Guitar - Steve Smith Guitar - Band's Friend Bass - Craig Bradford Drums - Graeme Bradford 2006: Vocals - Tom Taylor Guitar - Steve Smith Guitar - Rob Fairclough Bass - Craig Bradford Drums - Graeme Bradford 2007: Vocals - Tom Taylor Guitar - Steve Smith Bass / Backing Vocals - Craig Bradford Drums - Graeme Bradford
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