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Marked Soldier
Marked Soldier
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The musical compositions of Casey Ross Goodwin.
Marked Soldier :: Heavy In Your Arms REMIX AMV
Essentially, I'm here to chop your neurons to bits with patterned electromagnetic waves. My goal is to make music that makes people trip harder, however possible. I am a producer and a hopeful DJ, but I haven't done any solo shows yet. I can't wait for a job though :) I make Trip Hop, Dubstep, Drum'n'bass, and various other Electronica. We are trying to bring this stuff into America so that it can be enjoyed here, despite the best efforts of our government to make sure nobody listens to this 'crazy drug music'. It's not a drug, it's music, and music never hurt anyone. Physically. I used to rap for a group called Gunslingers with a few of my friends and make beats for them. I'm pretty much done with that stuff nowadays, but who knows? Maybe I'll apply it some day. Maybe some day I'll feel like flowin again.
Band/artist history
I've been making beats since I was in 8th grade, moved on from techno to rap in a couple years, did that for a while, and now I make stuff that makes your brain feel all meltly. I never even liked rap until I got into doing it. But after you start learning I guess you get a kind of respect for the whole genre because you can point out the genius of other emcees a lot better. I rolled with this band UKZ for a while and then my friend Marcus "Dark Psyde" Arias and I decided to make a band out of our senior project, but we didn't have any instruments. So we did what we was already doing - rap. As of now, however, Gunslingers is disbanded and we're all doing our own thing. Marcus is working on an album now with his new group Deus Ex Mafia, and I am working on an EP of my own. Don't ask me for a release date please :P
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've played a few shows live, but mostly I'm just a recording artist who gets invited to a lot of parties. It's never been a big thing, mostly a hobby. But hey that could change, you never know. It's what I always wanted to do. Make people dance and chop up their brains.
Your musical influences
I like crazy D&B shit from other countries, and shit like Hive, Crystal Method, Aphex Twin, Mechwarrior, Mayhem, Caspa, Evol Intent, Cookie Monsta, and metal along the same lines like Marilyn Manson, Orgy, goth industrial shit like that. I'm a closet goth to tell the truth... lol It's a throwback really to my Juggalo days when I was real into ICP and the rest of Psychopathic. I do my own thing tho, and it doesn't sound like them at all. My most inflencial rap/urban artists include, in no particular order; Ras Kass, Sage Francis, Royce Da 5'9", Mobb Deep, ATCQ, KRS-one, Gangstarr, Cypress Hill, Tech N9ne, Rahzel, krNfx, and Twiztid.
What equipment do you use?
ModPlug Tracker, Cool Edit Pro 2.1, FL Studio 9, Amen, massive amounts of random samples, and all the equipment at the studio. I'll list it all later when I can take inventory. It ain't like it's mine.
Anything else?
Big up to Codie LaLonde (Lost in LaLaLand), SeanTron and BK, Triple Tree, Atom One, Mike Justice, Mike Maness (APP0110), Barock Ponder, Marcus Arias, Nick Douglass, Dylan Mokler, James Neville (my sensei), Ethan McGwire (Rompers), and Brandon "L" Manzano. Also, props to everyone at the Caut!on Productions team, Epic Productions, Vital SC, PLUR Alliance, and everyone with the Cognitive Awakening movement! LORD AQUARIUS; 10:23:17; 12-21-2012 0
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