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We are four semi-professional muscians/composers who got together recently to get over the winter blues. We gained access to good recording facilities near where we all live and decided to release Mike Cockett's compositions. Back in the 1970's Mike made several intrumental/childrens stories which were never published due to his wife being ill. In January this year his eldest son Miles transferred these cassette tracks onto CD. This resulted in the "WINTER SUNSHINE" CD which contains 8 instrumentals and 5 songs. Some of these tracks are included on our site but due to the age of the cassettes the quality is not to our standards however the copyright of the tracks is available for outright sale from $300 each. Tracks from the "ROLLIN'" CD are from $500 each. The tracks are in demo form requiring your own individual signature. We supply the tunes, you make the money from them at a small cost for their purchase. If you are interested, then contact us and we can issue a legal contract transferring the copyright from us to you. All we want to do is right the songs for you to preform.
Band/artist history
Certain members of Modello have reformed as a new outfit called Sprockett - check out the site!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Two of the members play locally, Mike and Miles (his son) are not involved in live play rather they prefer to compose.
Your musical influences
Mike : Beatles/Bob Dylan/Shadows/Bert Weedon/Generally 1960's onwards Miles : Too many to name but including The Verve, Stone Roses, INXS, The Cure, MC5, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Thunders, Fleetwood Mac
What equipment do you use?
1979 Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster and acoustics, 1966 Gibson 12 string, Yamaha 24 track recorder, Fender/Marshall amps.
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