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dal last kovenant
dal last kovenant
6 Tracks
thank you for being interested in Dallas music.I would like to introduce the core of' Dal last kovenavt'.m.c. Manish D the true force to be reckoned with in the filthy south.This Pleasant Grove tx, native has reintroduced Dallas,and reformulaed the perception in which we have been cast under as an fan based "follower state", an flipped that persona that has not allowd "outtta towners" to hear premeier artist for the obvious reasons.The music that you will hear entails the streets the survivor mentality the love and loyalties every true hood boy deservers to recieve and give from a block that loves him back.Real D-boy music,gangsta meets, world meets gangsta gangsta meets girl,loses,gains,po-hustlas,babymomma drama,guns,life and death.Come in here come get you mind blow by the G that will rename the Grove.Say hello to the playagrove hustler ya gal babydaddy MANISH D. The Servant, The king.
Band/artist history
Pleasant"playagrove"down the street from the greedy and the hustlagrove.One lil piece of a city torn by getting money,takin money and shomoney and havers of money.da foe.214.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
This Spring.ready for bussiness "the beginning of the end"07,in any where Texas but In Dallas there is not much.
Your musical influences
Well it was and still is Pac,scareface,outcast,John Coletrain,U.G.K,ZERO COMMON,D.O.C. BLACK MOSES FUNKY LEE and acouple of cats from the hood.Now days my strength comes from filtering.Thats some self descriptive term I made up to say all musics are an source of emotion.Say for instance in my mind its a reply to...or an feeling of some sort a reaction.
What equipment do you use?
full rap concert set up, coordinated stage show with travel group.
Anything else?
Manish D music leaked exclusively to you. suck it slow!I will be changing my line up real soon hit me" preciatcha" for all that listening and friend request nomad_sremlahc@yahoo.com.Yes I Do Want To Do An Album(lil mammaooe7)
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