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bristol, TN  USA
June 16, 2001
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In a few words, Gretchens music can be defined as positive, heavy-melodic, happy-gothic, chic-rock. Their performances are as versatile as they are powerful, attacking the stage with heavy guitar, pop-driven melodies and high energy emotions. Even though Gretchens sound has been described as a cross between The Benjamin Gate, Evanescence and a heavier edged No Doubt, they have forged a sound all their own, balancing catchy hooks and melodies with heavy guitar tones that give the music teeth without losing its radio friendly edge. Gretchen is at home playing with heavy weights like P.O.D. or Chevelle, but retain the ability to gel with more contemporary styled groups. Stationed in Tennessee, Gretchen has been touring the country; making appearances at well known festivals and events like Sonshine and Ichthus as well as being invited to play at the world renowned CBGBs. Five songs from Gretchens first CD "Mouth Full of Nails have obtained international recognition; Ordinary Girl, Diamonds, and "Mouth Full of Nails" received honorable mention in Billboard's 12th Annual World Songwriting Contest (rock/alternative category). The song "Star" was used in a Ford Ranger promotion by Ford Motor Company. Inclined reached #2 on the world acoustic charts on mp3.com.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah we play live -- all over US --- Love it -- evry time we hit the stage is a special moment
Your musical influences
Mia: Madonna, Alice Cooper, Taylor Dane, Jelly Fish, Heart, Fleming and John, No Doubt, King's X, Garbage Dave: King's X, Dokken, Still Rain, Nine Inch Nails, Seven Dust, Stereomud, Led Zepplin, Ratt, Sound Garden, Audio Slave, Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Anthrax Brandon: Dream Theatre (Mike Portnoy), Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band), Hell Hammer (Mayhem)
Anything else?
Please also see Gretchen on these sites ******************************************** myspace.com/gretchenland purevolume.com/gretchen
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