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Einstein`s Wardrobe
Einstein`s Wardrobe
3 Tracks
We are a five piece band from Edinburgh Scotland Formerly known as Dogs of Autumn we changed our name and line up in 1998 Our new CD Raconteur has just been r
Child in a Wicked World
Peak in sub-genre #17
Lullaby in G Major
Peak in sub-genre #15
Glenn Miller Said
Peak in sub-genre #15
We are a five piece "Scotpop" band from Edinburgh, Scotland. We formed under the name Dogs of Autumn in 1993 and released two CDs, Poodlefaker EP and Bhark. We changed our name and line up in 1998 to Einsteins Wardrobe. Our new CD "Raconteur" has just been released. Visit our website now to see the tracklist, play the songs and buy the CD!
Band/artist history
As above. You may also be interested to note that we were finalists in the Scottish Sunday Mail T-Break Competition in 1998.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do play live, mostly in Edinburgh, however we have played in countries such as Barbados and Spain. Our most unusual gig was probably at the Kensington Oval, Barbados where we were joined on stage by a steel band!! Great gig and a good time had by all.
Your musical influences
We like a lot of different styles. Steve likes bands such as Travis and Love and Money, while Gary prefers Rock bands. We also like indie/guitar pop, Britpop and some alternative country music so there is a blend of styles and influences in our songs. There is a bit of humour there too, which I suppose would appeal to fans of bands like Barenaked Ladies.
Anything else?
We hope you enjoy our music. You can also buy t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise on our website as well as all of our CDs and MP3s. Check out our official website for more details.
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