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Eugene, OR  USA
April 26, 2003
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Hi I'm Robert Fischer. My band's name is stingrayz in this band site I am only playing keyboard. I play many styles from Rock, Jazz and forms of Electronica via Synth.
Band/artist history
For this "Band" I'm creating at this site. I'm right now a one man band. Me, my Yamaha SY35, and my Cubasis VST program. I've been writing music since the late 80's. I have 5yrs of vocal experience. I have 8yrs of drum experience. Over 10yrs playing, writing at the piano/keyboard.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, not with my keyboard/synth. I have vocal experience. Down the road I might sing with some of my music. I have played piano recitals.
Your musical influences
I have many. Prince, Phil Collins, Yanni, Van Gellis, Human League, Men at work, Jan hammer, John Williams, Aaron Copland. The past 4/5 yrs I've listened to Techno, and Electronia styles.
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha SY35, Cubasis VST 4.0(CPU software) witch is a brand new program with a brand new AUDIOPHILE 2496 (sound card). I have an old DX27s I hardly use because it has only 1 midi channel and monophonic. I does have some nice FM voices. I used to use a Yamaha QY10.
Anything else?
I have a dial up modem so I'm a little slow. Please let me know what you think(email). I'm open to any/all ideas. Thanks for listening, Thanks Ladies and Gents Sincerley, Robert Fischer 411 Louis Street Eugene, OR 97402
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Light of Tomorrow is really awsome, love that one, but love all of em. ^_^
Definitely sounds like you're into the synth stuff, that's awesome, I haven't used Cubase before, but I use Fruity Loops and it works for me. I just moved down to Eugene, when you can let me know what you think of my music, and if you ever want to do a project together. Laterz!
Nice music. Keep it up.
nice sounds... nice production. i have suddenly gone either gotten stuck in a disney main street elctrical parade or have been sucked into any of the many wonderful early/mid eighties movies/tv shows i love so much!