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misc. Keyboard songwriter
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A New Spark
Mellow song. Need to make it longer
Vibrant Light2
The second version of this song has vocals.
Keep an Open Mind
Mellow movie score . .Rock and Ambient
Pressure Point 1.0
Fast Paced sticato strings and drums . .with a touch of Marimba.
Bridgen the Gap
Just 80s style Rock. Just about keepin positive vibes rollin in your life.
Hi I'm Robert Fischer. My band's name is stingrayz in this band site I am only playing keyboard. I play many styles from Rock, Jazz and forms of Electronica via Synth.
Band/artist history
For this "Band" I'm creating at this site. I'm right now a one man band. Me, my Yamaha SY35, and my Cubasis VST program. I've been writing music since the late 80's. I have 5yrs of vocal experience. I have 8yrs of drum experience. Over 10yrs playing, writing at the piano/keyboard.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, not with my keyboard/synth. I have vocal experience. Down the road I might sing with some of my music. I have played piano recitals.
Your musical influences
I have many. Prince, Phil Collins, Yanni, Van Gellis, Human League, Men at work, Jan hammer, John Williams, Aaron Copland. The past 4/5 yrs I've listened to Techno, and Electronia styles.
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha SY35, Cubasis VST 4.0(CPU software) witch is a brand new program with a brand new AUDIOPHILE 2496 (sound card). I have an old DX27s I hardly use because it has only 1 midi channel and monophonic. I does have some nice FM voices. I used to use a Yamaha QY10.
Anything else?
I have a dial up modem so I'm a little slow. Please let me know what you think(email). I'm open to any/all ideas. Thanks for listening, Thanks Ladies and Gents Sincerley, Robert Fischer 411 Louis Street Eugene, OR 97402
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Light of Tomorrow is really awsome, love that one, but love all of em. ^_^
Definitely sounds like you're into the synth stuff, that's awesome, I haven't used Cubase before, but I use Fruity Loops and it works for me. I just moved down to Eugene, when you can let me know what you think of my music, and if you ever want to do a project together. Laterz!
Nice music. Keep it up.
nice sounds... nice production. i have suddenly gone either gotten stuck in a disney main street elctrical parade or have been sucked into any of the many wonderful early/mid eighties movies/tv shows i love so much!
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