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Destroyalldreamers' first album occupies the space between the words dreamy, melancolic, and meticulous. Using effected guitars to sculpt walls of sound like th
Destroyalldreamers' first album occupies the space between the words dreamy, melancolic, and meticulous. Using effected guitars to sculpt walls of sound like those pioneered by Slowdive and Bailter Space in the early nineties -- and brought forward into contemporary indie-rock by Explosions in the Sky -- Destroyalldreamers is instrumental shoegazing at its best.
Band/artist history
Destroyalldreamers started in the summer of 2002 in Montreal, when Shaun Doré (drums) and Eric Quach (guitar) got together to jam on a weekly basis as a duo. Back then, the idea of playing in a band was a long-lost and impossible dream, as Shaun has buried his drum kit a few years ago and Eric was just starting to get acquainted with effect pedals. Surprisingly, a lot of great ideas came out of these sessions, mainly influenced by their common love for dreamy and spacey atmospheric bands, in which they bury themselves all day long. As the jam sessions became stagnant and limited after a few months, they finally decided to tip-toe around the possibility to create music for real, and slowly looked to concretize their newly-found ambition. One thing was for sure: if they were going to attempt in starting a band together, Shaun and Eric wanted to be in nothing else but a guitar-driven, instrumental shoegazing band. With a few recorded songwriting ideas in hand, they first recruited Michèle Martin (bass) and then Mathieu Grisé (guitar), just in time for the seasonal change. After only a few jam sessions, the four players already acknowledged a special musical chemistry between them. The band worked hard almost every week on their sound and their songcraft throughout the depressive fall and rough winter. In the spring of 2003, they decided to record a five-song demo EP on a rented 8-track & 200 CDRs copies were done. They played their first shows ever in Montreal throughout the summer & fall of 2003, which slowly gathered a lot of attention from the local indie scene. The word began to spread around, and the demos sold quickly at shows, at local independent stores and even by mail-order from countries outside of Canada. Eventually, the demo got very positive reviews from the local alternative papers such as the Montreal Mirror and from music reviewing websites. They also received airplay from local and regional college radios (CHOQ, CKUT, CISM, etc.) as well as american and international radio stations. In the winter of 2003, Patrick Lacharité (Below The Sea) has offered to help the band record what would turn out to be their first full-length album called "À Coeur Léger Sommeil Sanglant". All of the recording took place in his small apartment in Montreal between December 2003 and March 2004. Meanwhile, the band received some label interests and took the opportunity to sign with the Montreal-based growing indie label Where Are My Records. The mixing process of Destroyalldreamers' first album was a long-winded road through out spring and summer, which eventually ended in time for a late 2004 fall release in North America. Plans for european and international releases are in the works. Up until now, Destroyalldreamers has proved to be a young growing band well on its way with a first full-length album released, with a promising future. Their next step is to go where the success of their first album brings them, with the possibility of touring, playing shows out of town and even out of their country. The quartet has also been already working on brand new songs. Even with the limitation of their instruments, they are constantly challenging themselves for their music to evolve, using different moods, structures and approaches. The quest for finding new sounds within the band is also something they are very conscious of (which also leads to more effect pedal acquisitions). Every piece of music that they wish to put out there should move them in ways never felt before.
Your musical influences
Slowdive, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, most of early 90s
What equipment do you use?
effects pedals, effects pedals, effects pedals, bass, drums.