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Manny and Gil
Manny and Gil
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Music Producers Manny and Gil respectively known as The Latin:, are well known for their rhythm and lively energy making their mark in the House and Pop Music i
Music Producers Manny and Gil respectively known as The Latin:, are well known for their rhythm and lively energy making their mark in the House and Pop Music industry that fuels today's hottest movement. Hailing from Mexico, now residing in Texas and crediting their musical influences to their late grandfather who was a great musician that played in many orchestras, and also giving credit to House, Hip hop, reggaeton, and pop artists like Timbaland, Scot Storch, Afrojack, Baby Manuel, Wisin y Yandel, Daddy Yankee, Maria Lourdes, Shakira, Deadmau5, and Enrique Iglesias, this vibrant duo puts their own meticulous stamp on the music industry, making them not only innovative, but a stream of new styles with incredible lyrics and a drive for quality that leaves no room for poorness. Connected by a passion for music and their outstanding talent, these two brothers are distinguished from the rest. Their most recent songs Viva La Fiesta, Rio Nights, and El Paso Anthem where some of the few songs to be massively played virally on the net and in many clubs, and are still going strong. Manny and Gil The Latin have set the record straight with their millions of online plays, and set the standard for the first Mexican artists to self produce, write, sing, mix, engineer, and master all music on their own. This year was a very eventful and productive one for The Latin. They reputably started their own Record Label which is currently preparing for the release of new material to be distributed worldwide to every single online music store, Walmart stores, Best Buy, and will be placed in the UK, Ireland, USA, and Canada charts. The Latins incredible technology permits them to work fast and efficiently. They currently posses some of the best technology known in the industry. When this technology is combined with their musical knowledge and writing experience hits are created. Equally important are their small town values, which Manny and Gil believe is their motivating vigor and heart. Their families, which have always supported them, provide the strong mast for these values. And, as all men with a purpose, Manny and Gil will continue to convey their own brand of Music, determined to keep fans not only dancing, but expecting from them the same level of superiority they demand from themselves.
Band/artist history
We started making music about four years ago. my brother Gilbert has been playing the guitar for almost four years as well. I started with some computer software which was very cheap, and made instrumentals with that. We both slowly went acquiring knowledge about music and became producers. We produced for various artists in the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Spain, and other countries. The songs were widely played, but we didn't want to be known as producers only. After some time of producing for others we felt that we wanted to sing and write as well. We slowly acquired experience and became what we are now: Writers, singers, producers, and audio engineers. We not only make the music. We also have our own registered companies which we manage and help us with our music. I graduated from the University with a bachelors in Business Administration majoring in International Business, Double majoring in Marketing, Triple majoring in Spanish, and minoring in Portuguese which is a total of Six years in college. With all the knowledge I acquired from school and previous experiences we formed our own marketing company, entertainment company, photography company, and are working on many more. All these companies are LLCs, registered, have EIN's, and CRS numbers. We are legitimate and are expanding. Aside from that, as I mentioned before we recently launched our own worldwide record label. We have always had a vision to succeed and at the same time help others while still remaining humble, and we promise to our fans that we will never let them down, just like they have never let us down.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have played live because people requested us to and it was quite fun. We haven't played live lately because we have been very busy working on the launch of our worldwide record label. We will soon. We are also working on music videos and stuff so stay posted.
Your musical influences
Dj Gugui, Wisin y Yandel, Afrojack, Shakira, Akon, Diddy, Deadmau5, Enrique Iglesias, and many others, but like our bio says; our main influence was our late grandfather. A huge number of musicians follows after my grandfather's birth. Cousins, aunts, uncles, and many of our family members are musicians. This doesn't mean they taught us how to play music, we learned on our own... so that kind of proves that it is in the blood and it all started with one man named Isidoro Castillo born in the mountains of Chihuahua Mexico who played in orchestras, bands, and instructed many successful Mexican musicians who are now successful.
What equipment do you use?
We have state of the art software, computers, hardware, microphones, and tools which include keyboards, fl studio with many plug-ins, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Waves Mercury, and a huge variety of software that when used correctly will make awesome sounds and vocals. Aside from having all those tools we have the most important ones which are knowledge, experience, motivation, support from our fans, and love for our work.
Anything else?
I just want to add one more thing and am speaking for both of us. We are extremely thankful to all our fans that have been supporting us since the beginning; since we initially thought this was a game or a joke. They are the ones that keep us going and motivate us. Somos cantantes y productores porque ustedes quieren.
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