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Music for Hang
the Hague, Netherlands
February 16, 2006
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On this soundclickspace I post tracks that I recorded with the PanArt Hang. These are tracks of albums or tracks specially made for the site or recordings of live concerts - I'm very aware that I have at least 20 more hours of Hangmusic stored - i made myself the promise to at least post some more 'highlight' tracks in the next couple of weeks - for example there is this super nice bootleg recording of a concert I did with Micheal Franti & Spearhead. So cool to be playing Hang with them, also I released an album Earth Chakras - you can hear some of that at www.myspace.com/earthchakra and I played a Hang track on the new album of a band called Zharbia - with flamenco singer Curra Suarez and a Morrocan Ud player, a bassist and a violinist. Also on Youtube - look for Zharbia Desert Vibes On the here mentioned link you'll find all the information about the PanArt Hang. Thanks Micheal ! http://www.hangblog.org
Band/artist history
There have been so many people I had the honour of playing with that it needs a domain of its own - you can check www.joshuasamson.com to read more about bands and musicians I work and worked with also there you'll find an oversight of recordings made as well as highlight concerts.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I do play live - a lot and everywhere - when we have to meet we will.
Your musical influences
Music is everywere - in and around us. I have been very influenced by great percussionists like Mino Cinelu, Robert Thomas Jr, Glen Velez however the Hang was the greatest inspiration. It made me grow from a pure rhythmically focused player into a musician that has acces to melody and harmony - its like being able to all of a sudden see and smell after living for 20 years with only the faculty of hearing.
What equipment do you use?
In this case the focus is on the PanArt Hang
Anything else?
A lot of people from all over the world asked me, after concerts or by mail or phone, about the Hang - were is it from, how can I get one, how do you play the Hang, What is PanArt, who is Felix and who is Sabina, What metal, what tunings, what styles - is it true they are not made anymore, is it true they cost over 10.000 dollars etc etc etc - for quite some time I had some information posted on this site that I "borrowed" from the Hangblog - a site run by Hanglover and aficionado Micheal - as he is in constant research and updates his very well documented site on a regular basis I suggest if you really want to know all about the Hang that you visit: http://www.hangblog.org/2008/01/30/hang-lexicon/ Here is were you find all you want to know and more.... Please leave a message for him and send him my kindest regards, the guy is awesome in his research and publishing - ENJOY !!
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