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Damien Project Film Works
Damien Project Film Works
Summerville, SC  USA
April 26, 2003
103,699 plays
www.damienprojectfilmworks.com THANK YOU TO ALL THE FILM PRODUCERS, LISTENERS, FRIENDS, FANS, ARTISTS, AND DJ'S WHO PLAY DAMIEN PROJECT FILM WORKS MUSIC AND HELP TO SPREAD THE WORD FOR JUVENILE DIABETES AND FOR DAMIEN PROJECT FILM WORKS! WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Music is more than just sounds. It is feelings from the heart. It is reality brought to life, by beautiful words and music that can become a part of you. It can haunt you and make all your dreams come true. It is a cry in the dark to touch your soul. It can make you laugh or cry, dance or sigh. The right song can bring us the ultimate high or bring back feelings of utter loss and despair. Music can affect our lives in more ways than we know. It can teach us and help us learn. Music can change the world.
Band/artist history
Mark Skipper...Guitars/Keyboards/Bass/Programming Rachel Pardieck...Acoustic Guitars/Vocals/Lyrics Lana J. Albert...Keyboards/Sequencers/Programming Ross Crean...Lyrics and Vocals Sally Cooper...Lyrics and Vocals MANY SPECIAL THANKS TO..... You guys Rawkkkkkkkkk!!!!! Steven Krimmel and Dustin Yates Robby Love Manan Katohora Elise Green Thanks to http://www.sharonhodgson.com for the beautiful art work for our songs. Thanks to JoAnne Brockway @ www.reelsoundofmusic.com Thanks To Jari Ylamaki for artwork for songs Thanks to "Eevasive" for the Damien Eyes Thank you to Ellen and Tusk for the wonderful JDRF Avatar we now use. Thanks to Stuart Elliot We Love and apprediate you all :)
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What equipment do you use?
DAMIEN PROJECT proudly uses Korg Keyboards and Recording boards and uses Fender, Ibanez, Oscar Schmidt, and Ovation Guitars.
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