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King of Maysville
All Original Material from a unique, one of a kind, soul.
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The condition of this simulated world we live in is too harsh not to address. People walk around fumbling in the dark ignorant of what really goes on and how this world really works. I, on the other hand address these problems with solutions.
Nostalgia Freestyle
What Happened pt. 2 (Internet bullying song)
This song was written, recorded, performed, mixed, & mastered by Michael "Lil Bone Face" Fletcher as a "anti-internet bullying son". Speaking out against setting and Internet bullying. Beat produced by Heat Up Beatz
48 Bars 2014
First single of the new 2014 album, "I AM Music".
Lil Bone Face ft. Hella Cold LIVE @ GLT
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Band/artist history
Michael B. Fletcher Name: Lil Bone Face 29 5/11/1985 Maysville, Kentucky At the age of 7 listening' to Kris Kross repeadily everyday learning' every word to every song on there #1 hit album "Jump". Falling in love with rap and also knowing that his brother, Bone Face Chuck, rapped with his uncle (The Soulja) and cousin (E-Z-J) he loved it even more. Lil Bone Face started recording by age 15. His sister started hearing his songs and she loved it and let their mom and dad listen to them and they loved it and was so proud of LBF. Lil Bone Face soon came up in the game in 2001 doin his first professional demo in his uncle's (The Soulja) studio with his brother Bone Face. After all of Lil Bone Face started running with a label based in Maysville Kentucky called "14-K Records Llp.and remixed a song that The Soulja originally did and was goin to feature J-Kruger on it. This started a major epidemic. Fight words went back to back with 14-K and The Soulja Then LBF could not take all the beef from 14-K and The Soulja goin back to back fighting across state and making it seem to choose sides so LBF created his own underground label. Then teamed up wit Alibi Entertainment, a record label based in Aberdeen Ohio. Lil Bone Face started doing more shows and is on the verge to the top. Always doing his best performances at venues, the crowd loves and wants more. LBF soon left Alibi Entertainment of some issues with Tolle and Yung Money. Which non-of-the-less made Limestone Entertainment (LBF's label) more popular with fan. No matter how many shows LBF does he can never get enough of performing. LBF had performed in his own home town of course, Cincinatti Ohio, Covington Ky, Morehead Ky, in school, Fort Wayne Indiana and many other places. Lil Bone Face had his second CD released out in 2005 called "In My Eyes" and is a CD that brings people into rap. This CD has had the streets talking about Lil Bone Face's skill on the mic. It has the feature of the song "On & On". A song deidcated to his cousin Marcus Neal who passed away in December of 2004. This song has had up to 900 song plays a day on Lil Bone Face's website on soundclick. Not to mention this CD has a feature of another song called "In My Eyes" which was selected to be a feature on a compilation CD called Kid Antrim Music which will be played on forty (40) radio stations Nation Wide and sent to twenty nine (29) independent record labels. Lil Bone Face has had the luck to meet up with the Vice President of Shydog Productions which is a management label out of Muncie Indiana. And Shydog Productions made Lil Bone Face part of the Shydog family, doing shows in Indiana and being talked about on the radio station is just the beginning. No matter what obstacles get in the way of Lil Bone Face he wil strive to get to the top even if it takes all of what he has.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. I've performed from Indiana to Kentucky to Florida. I love performing better than recording. ABA All-star game 2006, Sunrise, FL, Miami, FL, ABA half-time and post shows.
Your musical influences
Kris Kross, 2 Live Crew, MC Hammer, The Duke, Chamillionaire, Tek-9, Ludacris, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Krayzie Bone, Luther Vandross, Brutha Lynch Hung, Jamie Foxx, Scarface, Bone Face, Thugline Records, Milestone, Jodeci, 7th Sign Records, Marvin Gay, Shai, Boys II Men, Mo Thug Records, Black Street, Silk, Freddie Jackson, Twista, RUN DMC, Teddy Pendegrass, Getto Boys, DMX, Tech N9ne, The Stylistics, ICE CUBE, ICE T, MC 8, The Spinners, Snoop Dog, Tha Dog Pound, Dre, Eminem, Slick Rick, and 2Pac
What equipment do you use?
Beringer cardiod mic Tascam DP-008X workstation FL Studio 11 Adobe Audition
Anything else?
"It's easy to pretend to be somethin' your not, but it's hard to hide what you really are. Words only go as far as the ear, but it's up to you to make those words echo endlessly, so remember where you come from and make somethin' of it." -Lil Bone Face 200
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