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Spittin nuthin but the truth!straight up out the dxb thats dubai city!!Mixtapes comin out soon! workin on that major deal right now globaly. Holla at ya boy!eve
LOCKDOWN ENT.IM BACK MOTHERFUKAS.HOLLA AT YA BOY FOR THE MIXTAPES IN DXB..0097150 2742492... R-y-D straight up out the dxb.. dats dubai .. middle east ya heard..Back in the dxb to wreck shit right now.. after a brief stint in Nottingham...Mixtapes are comin... fuck this net shit.. the streets is callin.the shits moving global homies.gettin calls from all over the globe tellin me they bump that shit.. Love to my fam.. G-baby,Kastro,Dunga,Bugz,Witness,Blak Haze,Snoopy and all the others u know theres so many.My soliders we forever Ryd..R.I.P to my homeboy who'll be missed forever.. MEDU.. we miss you.. R.I.P to karl and Saad also.. memories are there homies..Shout to my boy Tha Merchant(www.soundclick.com/thamerchant) Its Lockdown baby!613... wookie our beat maker( kids got gifts man) www.soundclick.com/freshmusicproduction.. u think this game ready for me?let me ask u ... are u ready for this?"blaaaww bang em in the face yep"..
Have you performed in front of an audience?
clubs.. partys.. anythin man..startin to get club plays now!club play in nottingham U.K.,Dubai, Edinburgh(Scotland).. coming to a city near u soon...
Your musical influences
nas,mobb deep,AZ,big l,biggie,inspecta deck,ghost face,pharoah monch, eminem,jay-z,game,lloyd banks,immortal technique,canibus,cormega,afu ra,method man, redman,50 not as an artist but as a hustler,lil wayne.... shit the list goes on... too many to name
What equipment do you use?
Was on some wack shit.. all the tracks u hear are from home, but in the studio now on the daily so expect some better quality shit...
Anything else?
big shout out to all the peoples that consistently show me love and hit my boards, i love the feedback.. and big shout out to my boy tha merchant.. www.soundclick.com/thamerchant and my boy wookie fresh who makes all my beats www.soundclick.com/freshmusicproduction these guys are so talented.. we gonna make alot of money together, the 3 of us..and for those that hate, keep hating...alot of talent here on soundclick, rare to find but there is alot if u look hard..and for asll u soundclick heads.. be urself, dont rap about shit u aint seen or aint done its not real and u not cool if u do that, we see right thru it.. holla at me...1I LOVE THIS MUSIC!!
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