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Cali Blakk
Cali Blakk
Sacramento, CA  USA
February 19, 2006
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Cali Blakk aka is an artist/entrepreneur. This Texas native has a sound that is unique among southern rappers.He has been described as one of the "up and comers" in Hip-Hop. Growing up, he was exposed to all the greats, from Kurtis Blow to L.L Cool J in the HipHop/Rap genre. When West Coast "gangsta rap" landed on the scene, thats when he began writing raps as a form of expression. He has only been in the industry proper since late 2004 and has got the experience needed to start and maintain his career. His diverse background and experience has given him a "West Coast meets Dirty South" type sound that is unique to Cali Blakk.
Band/artist history
In June 2004, Blakk began recording his first legitimate Hip-Hop track titled "Every Other Day".This track was produced by Blakk and features Double D of A Nor-Cal Productions. On this track Blakk and Double D exchange verses back and forth about issues that arise for them every other day. The track was produced entirely with acid loops and crudely mastered. However, it's not bad for a first venture"Every Other Day" would become the first in a string of tracks for Blakk, and those tracks would be placed on a disc and titled "Hard Target". "Hard Target" was completed in the fall of 2004 and had a limited release. Blakk, in addition to Laydi B gave copies of "Hard Target" to everyone they knew and even didn't know. The album had rave reviews from all who received a copy, but the sheer lack of mastering and distribution left it in limbo and eventually the project went cold. Only an original remains at RoyalT Records. The album included 5 tracks with the Intro and most notably the single "Inside My Mind" which is based on an actual event in Blakk's life. After "Hard Target"in the Winter of 2004 Blakk immediately set out to record a second and more powerful CD titled "Here We Go Again". This CD was the project in which Blakk would embark upon a demo deal only to discover later that it wasn't what he was looking for. Instead, deciding he just wanted to be heard and to have his own label, he and Laydi B set out to have RoyalT Records/BUMPitLOUD Productions registered as a legitimate business. It was during this time that "On a Mission" was recorded. This track was produced by PhreshTrax and features DJ $ecret and a special appearance by Laydi B (then Laydi G) flowing back-up on the hook. Shortly after, Blakk hooked up with producer BG of Black Ghost Entertainment based in Athens,GA and recorded "Hit'em Where it Hurts" and "Undisputed" in January of 2005. The total count was to be an astounding 13 tracks! "Watch a Playa Roll (On the Leftside)" was undoubtedly one of the most recognized songs on the "Here We Go Again" project and was produced by SkillzBeats. Though much work went into the project, it never was released as an album. By May of 2005 RoyalT Records/BUMPitLOUD Productions was a licensed business and after a brief hiatus, Blakk was once again in the RoyalT Records studio to begin recording his current project titled "Plain Blakk Wrapper",the most diverse and realistic album to date. Slated for release in the Fall of 2007, this album has already had reviews on some of it's content and promises to be the best release to date from the RoyalT Records label. With tracks like "Is He Ya Man" and "Spitfire" at one end of the musical spectrum and "Open My Eyes" and "Black Sheep" at the other end, theres no lack of creativity and sheer artistry.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've done quite a few live performances throughout the Northern California region. I do like performing in front of a crowd. The most memorable moment for me was at a show in Vacaville,CA. The crowd had filtered outside, but when I was doing my set they all came in and started vibing with me...it was great! As far as the best performance goes, it's hands down The Boulevard. I actually felt that crowd energy everyone talks about.
Your musical influences
TuPac, Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne, NAS,BUMPitLOUD Productions, T.I.P, B.G,L.L Cool J, E-40, 50cent, just everyone who came from tha bottom against all odds.
What equipment do you use?
Software: Acid 2.0 , Acid 5.0 ,ScreenBlaster,FruityLoops4,Mag ixAudio/Midi Studio 2005, Tascam Gigastudio24,Voyetra MusicKit/TurtleBeach...and lastly Reason 2.5. Hardware: Processing comes from a SonyVAIO PCV-RX651 Digital Studio, BTF220 monitors from KLH, US-122 Audio/Midi Interface from TASCAM, Korg CR-4, MG10/2 Mixing Console from YAMAHA, Dr.Rhythm DR-3 from BOSS, M-Audio Ozone mobile workstation from M-AUDIO, PSR-175 keyboard from YAMAHA, PSR-275 keyboard from YAMAHA, HTR-5730 Reciever from YAMAHA, VL-S21 active monitors from TASCAM, MXL770 condenser mic from MXL and various other mics and miles of cables,zipties......etc
Anything else?
You guys look for my shows. If you spot one in your local area, come on out and check it out for yourself.
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