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Read between the lies
Read between the lies
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punk, rbtl, ninja, gay, std, porn, wales, fat
Well what to say ummm we started around july/august 2004 gone through a few line up changes we play punk rock music but as with bands such as nofx we add a bit of other influences to the mix to come up with soemthing that we hope is boardering on original, we write songs about anything from s.t.d's and ninjas to songs about what we feel are important issues and everything inbetween. Oh yeah and we're from south wales boyo.
Band/artist history
band history basically like the above describe your band thingy.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hell yeah its the most important thing bar recording that a band can do, every moment on stage is special because your having fun doing something that entertains people and brings people together you also get to do cool jumps like busted yeh i wanna be like them...well maybe not the eyebrows...so umm yeh next question
Your musical influences
well obviously the great southern california punk bands like nofx bad religion pennywise etc also anti-flag, balck flag, minor threat, ramones, loadsa ska bands i cant really be arsed to type, same with metal bands and other random influences.
What equipment do you use?
Marshall and zoom amplification, squier, epiphone and self made(rhino at least)guitars.
Anything else?
Yeh the band is : Ron - Guitar and vocals Id - bass and Vocals Lewis - DrUms RHino- Guitar and Vocals