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Newtons Law Of Havoc and Harmony
Newtons Law Of Havoc and Harmony
waterford, MI  USA
February 14, 2006
1,693 plays
Newtons Law Of Havoc & Harmony is one man with one love for all forms of musical expression. Creating music that intends to fuse together the beauty in all forms of music. Each song has its own recipe for genre blending and bending to produce a flavor that stands alone. With this extremely diverse selection of music ranging from Psychedelic AlterniPop/Rock to Industrial Strength PowerMetal to Hip Hop TechnoRock to Dramatic Classical Orchestrations Newtons Law offers something for every listener under the sun. Projections for late 2006 include a 4 Volume CD set called The Havoc & Harmony Project. Each Volume will contain a totaly different selection of music. An encyclopedia of music if you will. Please visit www.havocandharmony.com for updates.
Band/artist history
Mike Newton was born in Michigan USA. First started playing guitar at the age of 12. Mike quickly progressed into the art of heavy metal shredding. After playing in several garage bands that never really made it out of the garage Mike slowly started to aquire a taste for newer types of music. While keeping the strong roots in metal Mike added genre after genre into this tree of diversity which is still growing today. As the styles of music started to branch out the bands unfortunately did not. After many failed attempts at finding a group of musicians to cover this wide range of musical styles Mike was forced to go it alone and in winter of 97' Mike aquired a cheap drum machine through a game of chance and began to go beyond being just a guitar player and started to write complete compositions. After failed attempts at financing a studio project on his own in late 98' Mike decided to invest in some home recording gear and began to record the first installments of THE HAVOC & HARMONY PROJECT. In November of 99' Mike decided to release the demos on the internet for review and helpful criticism to improve the final product. After seeing the rave response from listeners Mike decided to release Newtons Law Of Havoc & Harmony (The Demonstration) Which is a full length compilation of all the different blends of music currently available from Newtons Law Of Havoc & Harmony. From 1999 through 2001 Mike pushed Newtons Law Of Havoc & Harmony straight into the heart of internet culture with great success. Through mediums such as MP3.COM Mikes Music reached over 200,000 new listeners all over the globe. Out charted household names such as Linkin Park, Eric Clapton, Alanis Morissette, Offspring and more. In early 2000 Mike was listed as the Michigans #1 artist in 3 separate genres simultaneously. Which shows that the people truly do want to hear something new and something not so formatted or pigeon holed into a genre. As our cultures collide so will our tastes in music. Which is why Newtons Law Of Havoc & Harmony's main goal is to offer something for everyone. Even within the realm of a single song. For the last 3 years due to lifes usual tragedies such as lost loved ones, Financial despair, and depression. Music for Mike has taken a back seat. But it is a new day and I have pulled my way out. A resurrection if you will. And its now time to unleash Newtons Law upon the world. Run while you still can ;)
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