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The style God has blessed me with has been I guess most acurately defined by my friend who said it's gospel/reality or reality/gospel with old school soul from
I'm representing for Christ to the fullest! He has saved my life and it's time to let people know! I started making beats and writing at 15, but I was always real shy and wasn't confident about my stuff. Even when I started to compare it and felt it was better I stayed to myself. Eventually I came out the shell about it and people started to know me for beats. I started recording secular tracks with somewhat good messages with friends of mine, formed a few groups. Despite how good the message's intent or lyrically skilled we were, I felt deep down that our music wasn't helping anybody. Christ's name wasn't in it, and there were still very vulgar tracks for no apparent reason. The power of life and death is in the tongue so speaking without intent doesn't help out. God checked me on it, and I am solely dedicated to making sure that gospel hip hop artists explode and replace the other crap out there that's called music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nah, I don't play live, but the tracks I do can also be played by a live band. I do enjoy live band music, but most of the time I perform I do it with an instrumental track.
Your musical influences
My two biggest influences as mentioned on my album were KRS-One, and The RZA. I grew up in hip hop off of Wu-Tang (beats, kung-fu, lyricism, creativity, you name it), and respected KRS-One's refusal to conform to the crap called hip hop we have today. He does it the way he knows it should be done. I had to accept the harsh reality that, despite his talent and creativity, most of RZA's messages were not something I could associate myself with when I decided to do this solely for Christ. There's a higher calling.
What equipment do you use?
I use Reason, and an older keyboard (Roland JX-305 Groovesynth)that used to provide all of my beats, now just serves as a controller.
Anything else?
It's time to serve the Lord and raise up Christ's name! These secular artists are teaching people to scream their name but people act like they're scared to say Jesus! The word says in the last days many shall come in my name and every major artists calls themselves God (Jay-Z:Jayhova, Ludacris:"I'm the king of the kings and the lord of the lords", Eminem:"I'm a poet to some a modern day Shakespeare, I'm Jesus Christ king of these latter-day saints here) as pointed out by L.G.Wise. Not to mention how many of your favorite rappers call each other God. The subliminal messages they spew are destroying our young people and the community, but that's come to an end. When the message is uplifting, saving people, lifting up the name of the true and living God, and is delivered hotter than any of that other mess anyway, it's about to revolutionalize what you call music! Stay up, Stay good, and Stay posted...
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