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DJ Torture
DJ Torture
16 Tracks
The Fearless ..!
From Heaven To[HardStyle Reversion]
Peak in sub-genre #62
The Element
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I Feel Free(remix)
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DJ Torture meets DJ Xline - Hardcore Beasts
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Cassius 1999('Flip over' version)
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i got another site with my old songs from ejay.co.uk if wanna hear go on to www.soundclick.com/daproductive and www.soundclick.com/djmageno
Band/artist history
here is my list of sites: www.soundclick.com/djtorture www.soundclick.com/daproductive www.soundclick.com/djmageno the first one is my newest mix'es than the a little older mix'es than the oldest mixes hope u like all of them hihi now i'm goona tell about my wierd names i had these few years as a dj my first name was "Da Elder" not so cool i used it some months than i swithced to "DJ Mage" some months later i heard about ejay.co.uk so i got a user there just about a year so than when i got more proff and i got dance 7 i switched to DJ Pulsedriver that was the day before ejay closed down mixlab than some months efter i found out that it allready was a DJ Pulsedrive so i had to switch to another name that was "Quake" not a well thinked name but was worth it after some weeks i got tired of it than i quited my music producin i was tired of it couse i didn't know who make it to or where so it wents some months than my man DJ Xline got know a site called Soundclick.com and we started there together than i figured out that cant use the name quake so "puff" and than it hit me my new name... i wannit to be a hardcore dj and my name was this !!!"DJ Torture"!!! more comin up
Have you performed in front of an audience?
no i dont play live maybe i have think to sell some of my music to live conserts...
Your musical influences
hard dance music hardcore techno and very much else dance too...
What equipment do you use?
i used ejay for the most but now i'm usin FL(fruity loops)... sometimes remixin songs in magix and virtual dj
Anything else?
i have to say that DJ Xline Is da Best i'm realy your fan i had girlfriend named elisabeth she brooke up with me the only one i really loved... sad:=(
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