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Awful Waffle
Awful Waffle
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We're a nine piece ska band based out of Brick, New Jersey that draws influences from music from all genres.
Ten Times Better
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Cry On You (2 song demo)
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10 Times Better Than the Kevin Hay Two-Step
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Strauss Auto (Bamboozle)
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Cry On You (Bamboozle)
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Hi, we're Awful Waffle from Brick, New Jersey. We're a ska band comprised of nine strapping young lads whose influences range from Dragon Force, to Rx Bandits, to NWA. Check us out, you might like us.
Band/artist history
We started as a joke at the Starland Ballroom stop of the Ska is Dead 2 tour, with Mu330 and Streetlight Manifesto. I (Cheech) approached Matt with a proposition to start a new band. We started practicing in late April, played our first show on June 28th, and the rest is history.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've played live from places as small as The Herbertsville Firehouse, to places as large as Starland Ballroom. We love playing live, and some of our favorite moments include playing CBGB's in the heyday of the 2005 summer court trials, playing the roof of a frathouse in Boston, and playing two sold out shows at Starland Ballroom being direct local support for Badfish and Streetlight Manifesto.
Your musical influences
We love all kinds of music, ranging from Dragon Force, to NWA, to Pain, to Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, to Mates of State. Past that, we draw highly off of pop culture references from our youth, namely old Nickelodeon television shows.
What equipment do you use?
Matt Jensen - Lungs Garrett "Cheech" Weber - Fender American Strat Hardtail (rewired), Mesa Boogie Nomad 100 2x12 Mike Burry - Warwick Bass, Fender Bassman Stack Shane Juralewicz - Tama Rockstar Kit, Iron Cobra Double Kick Pedal, Sabian Paragon Cymbals Neil Cotter - Ensoniq Keyboard, Alesis Micron Brian Honsinger - Trumpet Rob Meyer - Yamaha YSL-354 Stiffie - Tenor Sax Dan Brucato - Tenor Sax
Anything else?
Chubby White Boy!
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