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Something different from all of the other beats around.
================================================== ELFMAN PRODUCTIONS ================================================== DISCLAIMER: Productions may not be used unless purchased. The right to lease or own any beats on soundclick or electronic media is described below. CONTACT INFOMATION: E-Mail/MSN Messenger: Elfs1der@hotmail.com Home Phone: (519) 652-0413 Cell Phone: (519) 280-8483 LEASING RIGHTS ------------- $50-100 With leasing rights, individual or company are entitled to use that one production for one profitable recording or broadcast. Any profits after the first use is susceptible to pay royalties. This is ideal for the low budget album for artists that are looking to come up in the industry. EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS ----------- $500-And up With exclusive rights you are entitled to use the production in all profitable situations. These rights are only sold to one individual and are not transferable. CUSTOM BEATS: Contact for more information. SAMPLES: The purchaser is held responsible for clearing (paying royalties) for samples used. Once the production has been purchased you will be sent the fully mastered production.
Band/artist history
Been producing for about 5-6 years now. I started out as a Hard Trance/House producer and now I'm tryin to put it together with Hip Hop.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't but ppl I produce for do. Shoutout Provizion n Definit
Your musical influences
Everything I listen too, I'm always tryin to figure out how it works.
What equipment do you use?
Cubase SX, Marshall V67, MIDI Keyboard
Anything else?
Check out my many different styles of Hip Hop music.