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A different type of metal and/or electronica project started by Keith Davis.
My name is Keith. This is currently a solo project consisting of me, myself, and I. Although It is not limited to one person; I've recently been working on some material with some friends and I welcome anyone who lives in the Northern VA/MD area who is interested in working on music to contact me. Basically I'm a multi instrumentalist: I play Guitar, Bass, Drums, as well as do the electronic stuff involving synths, breakbeats, and the like. A note about drums however; I'm not that great of a drummer. I could probably never play the drum parts in my own songs. They are all written using a program called fruityloops, which, simply put, is somewhat of a sequencing program. I have wav files of snare hits, kick drums, toms, hi-hats, etc. that I lay out as I wish and it usually sounds fairly convincing. I would play real live drums more if I didn't live in a townhouse. But all in all, I'm just a musician trying to express myself....
Band/artist history
Well this originally started as an electronica project about 5 years ago. Fruityloops is normally used to make techno, drum n bass, trance, etc. I was doing all sorts of strange (and usually horrible) sounding stuff for a while, until I discovered the possibilities of using actual drum sounds and recording guitar onto my computer. Uhh.... that's basically the history. Hah. I still do the electronic stuff every now and then too, there might be a few of those tracks on here once in a while, in fact.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nope, it's kinda hard for one person to put on a live show.
Your musical influences
Oh god, everything. What mainly influences me is life in general. But as far as bands who influence me the most: Deftones, Tool, Dillinger Escape Plan, Lamb of God, In Flames, Fear Factory, Mudvayne, A Perfect Circle, Alice In Chains, At The Drive-In, Coal Chamber, Glassjaw, Nine Inch Nails, Led Zepplin, Marilyn Manson, Older Metallica, Slayer, Sevendust.... there's too much to list. In a song I usually tend to throw in a combination of super heavy guitar riffing as well as some melodic, somewhat jazz-inspired parts.
What equipment do you use?
Oh boy, large list... Guitars: 2005 B.C. Rich Special Edition Mockingbird, Stock. Tuned to standard/Drop-D. 1980-something Fender Flame, Stock. Tuned to standard/Drop-D. Ibanez GAX70 w/Zakk Wylde EMG 81/85 Pickups, Unknown year. Tuned a 1 and a half step down, I believe C/Drop-B. Unknown model Ibanez (looks kinda like an RG) with a telecaster pickup @ neck, duncan design SE101 at middle, and Seymour Duncan Custom at bridge. ESP H-207 Tuned to standard 7 string tuning/Drop-A Bass: ESP B-55 5 string, standard tuning Drums: Fruityloops and some wav files Amp: Marshall MG series 100HDFX w/marshall 4x12 cab I have a couple other amps too but they arent worth mentioning.. Effects: Boss GT-6 Boss Noise Reducer stompbox Line6 Uber Metal stompbox Recording: Line6 TonePort w/gearbox Shure PG81 Condenser Mic Audio Technica ATR-30 mic Cakewalk Sonar 4 Acid Music Studio 5 I think that's about it....
Anything else?
Uhh...... if you listen to my music do me a favor and give some constructive feedback!
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